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Life Talk!

if you have one million dollar,what will you do?




if one day you find that you own one million dollar,what will you plan to do in your life?

02:51 PM Aug 17 2009 |

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Palestinian Territory, Occupied

ammmmm may be

i will study in the best universty in the world

then ….

i will …. i dnt know! i just wanna have them!!



  nice to say the truth!


08:28 PM Aug 17 2009 |



i would try my best to earn another one million dollars, or more. 

more money,more better!

:) i m a miser!

don't tell me money will come and go when i am poor!



12:34 AM Aug 18 2009 |


Bosnia and Herzegovina

i would buy a bugatti veyron….xd

07:34 AM Aug 18 2009 |




I 'll give u, and let me dream again…

07:36 AM Aug 18 2009 |

ameer a

Syrian Arab Republic

Iwill give them to poor children

09:23 AM Aug 18 2009 |




If i have million of dollars than i will eat two breakfasts, two lunches, two dinners. I will use two cars at a time. I will use two bathrooms, i will prefer two girlfriends, i will wear two pair of shoes. But after such a miserable acting, people will surely laugh on me and will make solid assumption about me that i am not in my senses, that's why i better don't need any million dollar because i already have sufficient to make illusion of sanity. 

09:33 AM Aug 18 2009 |



spending to poor families

11:28 AM Aug 18 2009 |




Saladeen,your answer is so interesting and thoughtful. Like dinner,car or especially lover.In many cases,double is not better then single. There is a sentence I've ever heard that lover is like paint. If you have two lovers,it is like the situation that you put two pictures together on one paper.It will only destroy the beauty of the paints. You are so brave and wise to give up it.But if you work very hard to earn that money,I think I will treasure it.If I earn it without any effort,I believe I will lose it in a very bad way

01:06 PM Aug 18 2009 |




If i have a million dollars, i would go home, put up my dream cafe/resto business and go from there.Cool

01:07 PM Aug 18 2009 |




i didnt see that anyone said he will give some money to government cuz be careful u dont know who will be next president ;p

lol.. I won't give them money too! government in poland is soooo stupid and incapable.. they always say that they can't make sth.. :S


what will you plan to do in your life?

1. I will help my mate.. he is almost blind.. and he really need help, his family is not so rich…. 

2. I'll help some families which really need that (not like in my village, everybody pretend that they are poor but in fact, they aren't.. I hate them)

3. I'll buy flat or house or… just renovate our house… at last my mom will stop worry about home.. :S

I think that's all.. rest money will be for life… my dad will stop grumble that he is the only, who works in our family… :/

09:38 PM Aug 18 2009 |