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Life Talk!

if you have one million dollar,what will you do?




if one day you find that you own one million dollar,what will you plan to do in your life?

02:51 PM Aug 17 2009 |

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i will give it to u

07:35 PM Aug 20 2009 |




I will build a machine for producing dilicious foods as much as people want and sell them cheapest even a poor man can buy.

06:30 PM Aug 21 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


The firs thing I would do is to SMILE! Laughing

08:13 AM Aug 22 2009 |



help those who are in need is my first preoccupation

10:45 AM Aug 22 2009 |

Joy Yu

Joy Yu


Travel around the world,and visit all of my friends in Europe,and buy some prsents to them,and then buy a house in Barcelona…then i will use the rest of the money to help  poor people in Africa or in Middle East…

05:53 AM Aug 23 2009 |




i think you misunderstand my meaning.

when you know somebody needs money indeed so you will give all of your money to him?give your money to others here means give your whole one million dollars to others. of course you will give part of your money to the poor, to the people need money indeed, so do i,and so do a lot of people, but i don't believe you will give all of your money to others and you have nothing at last.so you are so selfless? who will believe?

do you know the main reason that why  there are so many children don't go to school? it is not because they don't want to learn in school,it is beacuse their family are too poor to affort the schooling charge. my elder brother is a very smart man, he always got high markers during his schooling, but my family is so poor that he had to leave school and to work far from home in a very young age. if we have money, he would get high education,study in university, have a good job now but not like the fact that he has to work 12 hours in a factory during the night time.yes,i admit that there are kids don't like to study in school,but this only takes a little percentage of the whole shooling-leaving kids.and i know they will feel regret when they grow up.

the rich pay tax ,so do the poor, like me,my salary is not so much but i have to pay the tax. this is our civic duty.if they are kind and generous and selfless as you, i hope they can give all of their money to the poor,to the charity,to everybody else who need money indeed…...



03:23 AM Aug 24 2009 |



Joy Yu

do you know there are also a lot of poor people in China?

do you hear about a story of Echo (三毛)and Li Ao before? i suggest you'd better read it before you comment here.http://1wenxue.cn/html/wenxuexinshang/sanwensuibixinshang/200811/03-580.html

03:48 AM Aug 24 2009 |



Viet Nam

CoolCoolHehe, I'll invest to become a second Bill Gate… Unless, I will lose all of them..

01:27 AM Sep 19 2009 |



 Oh….... If I had 1 million dollar I would record my songs…...... which I have composed myself and become famous…............................   If only I had…...........

12:51 PM Sep 30 2009 |