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Help finding a Chinese girlfriend




I am a good honest man working and living in China. I know there are so many beautiful and honest girls out there but I only seem to find the ones who want my money and like my apartment. Is this common? Who can help me?

07:37 AM Aug 19 2009 |

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oh you are of bad luck.

01:57 PM Aug 19 2009 |



Well,It would be very nice for me like you,to have a chinese girlfriend,I love them:)

07:58 AM Aug 20 2009 |



Maybe Chinese girls seems too realistic to you.But I think there r also some good girls.I hope u can find ur true love one day!

06:22 AM Aug 24 2009 |



well,i hate what you post here!

what a pity!!! you just have your money and apartment to attract our chinese girls!! this is your own fault! don't so stupid here  say that girls only interested in you fucking money and damn aparetment!!! why you want to find a beautiful chinese girl? so ugly girls don't have the true love? you are not loftier than the girls who like your ~~~~

i  always wonder why the men, all around the world, are so hypocritical?they always pretend they are honest, moral …... but actually thsy are no more than human being, normal people, interest-first, love money,love beauty, love power…...

so this gindean , i suguest you throw away your money and leave your aparetment,then go to find a chinese girl,then you may find she is your right girl…...if you can….......if you can not, go to find another country's girl. but i think all of the girl in this global are the same.

at last, i say again, you can not find a good girl that is your own fault. you should self-blame and self-criticism….....haha 

i love money, this is not a fault.

02:45 AM Aug 26 2009 |



Gindean, feeel sorry about your bad luck. maybe you just meet the girls who dont value themselves so much. yeah, money is sooo important, but its not everything~ most of the girls just spend the money they earned themselves. loving money is not a fault. 

i suggest you go to another circumstance, try to meet different people, but remember dont always show off how rich you are. furthermore, YOU have to be honest first. and kind and ordinary…

good luck, man!


03:32 AM Aug 26 2009 |



Ok, send me your photo and i'll see if any Chinese girls around me interested or not.

12:46 PM Aug 27 2009 |



How a stupid topic!

12:05 AM Aug 28 2009 |



actually it doesn't matter.

existance is rational.

11:45 AM Aug 29 2009 |


United States

The reason she looks to your money or apartment is she is looking for stability, so she can trust you to provide for her and any children you may have in future. It is not fair or realistic to make sweeping statements about girls, or girls of any nation, each nation has same thing as people are people, with culture differences (which you must take into consideration). I think I fell in love with a girl and she just happened to be Chinese, I have never been so taken aback by a girl, I am very happy indeed. I find Chinese girls same like all over, some like money, some just want to be loved. Chinese girls are different than western in following ways: once she is in love with you, she will sacrifice anything for you, you will have found a love thats impossible to find in West, she will love you even if you not that nice, but it is important when you get that much love to love her back even more than she loves you, she will always make you happy, you do not need to look for other women, you will find much delight in her, and your love for her will not die down, on the contrary it will grow, and this is what keeps a good relationship going forever.

10:19 PM Feb 16 2010 |




If you are rich,money is a part of you.Just like if your girlfriend is beautiful,her beauty is a part of her.She likes money,but she loves you.

04:20 AM Feb 17 2010 |