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Life Talk!

what's ur idea about turkish boy?



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

one of them is so good…..

12:22 PM Aug 20 2009 |

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United Kingdom

all are individuals, I've talked to many here, and met one or two in my town.

Generally speaking, polite, happy, proud, romantic, caring, love children and women, loyal to male friends?

Some are very wise and religious,

Some just want to have fun?

I don't know what I think, I just decide on each individual as I meet!

I guess you have fallen for the sweet charm of one?

02:26 PM Aug 20 2009 |

othman ahmaro


  I really have a problem and I want help esprcially from people in Norway.I have a friend who has a Jordanian pasport and he wants t to travel to Europe for work and study>He prefers Norway .I would appreciate any help for this friend.He is very active and handsome.I thank any one who would try to give help in advance.                         Please all my friends in this great forum help him

02:40 PM Aug 20 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


I think they are cute :)

07:13 AM Oct 23 2009 |