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Why the Westerners hate the Arabs??



Saudi Arabia


I tried several times to get a friend from USA, or Canda or UK but I can't, they refuse, can any one explain to me why????Frown

Our hands fingers are not the same !!

10:39 AM Aug 25 2009 |

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Because you are Arab my friend and the countries which you have mentioned are brainwashed by their respective medias against Arabs after 9/11.

No, you have hundred hands, thousands fingers and dozen of heads, and you look more like Greek mythological creature Argus Panoptes, so, they have valid reasons to avoid you. Next you Arabs have the name ''Usama bin Laden" in your 'name dictionary'. Next you people are the sympathizer of Islamic Ummah and practice Islam. Don't you know the biggest number 1 phobia around the world is Islamiophobia. Islamiophobia is the most dangerous kind of phobia in full thousands list. Laughing

Enjoy my friend, if they avoid you than enjoy, you don't have any second choice …. may be they avoid you because who knows, may be you are the cousin of Usamma Bin Laden, which is off course a dangerous choice to make friendship with…...  

Take it easy my friend….. understand their concerns….. and don't complain…

And don't take my comment seriously this is just for you to make you little smile…..so give big smile…..yeah like that….. Smile

11:51 AM Aug 25 2009 |



United Kingdom

Maybe the question should be the other way round?


One good reason I can think of is the fact that the Arab countries own most of the world's oil and caused a devastating crisis in the 70s which end a long period of prosperity in Europe and the US. 


It could also be the fact that hijackers on 911 were all Arab nationals.

It could be the constant threat that Westerners at home and Westerners abroad are under from certain Islamic terror groups such as in Yemen and Egypt.



Islamophobia is a made-up construct, to blacken and label anyone that criticizes Islam.

Much like the word 'homophobe', it's a politically loaded word.

04:34 PM Aug 25 2009 |




It works in the same way as Arabs hate Israel/west.  It is a cycle of hate, which no one except enemies of Peace Profit from.

05:09 PM Aug 25 2009 |

Lovely Fabian

United Arab Emirates

True, respect is earned.. We can never impose anyone to respect or accept us..


Continue living your life the way you should be.. Cohabit with them (the Westerners).. Speak their tongue, if you may so.. You can always go back to your roots if you no longer feel comfortable dealing with them..


In the long run the Westerners will be the ones to ask if they can be friends with you.. If they don't, well, you have not lost anything.. You will always have Ossama to back you up when things get out of hand.. Yeah, really.. Take things in stride..


The Japanese people welcome you.. With us you just have to be yourself..

05:49 PM Aug 25 2009 |






May be you are correct and i don't have the ability to look through your lenses or may be you don't have the ability to look through somebody else lenses. Borrow Arab lenses hope you would find humiliation. If you don't want their lenses than give your lenses for full and genuine understanding.

05:39 AM Aug 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

 Thank you all

fabs1: The question was as it should be,

your comment was so different from fact ,I will be glad if u start to search for this subject away from the Western culture.

javamanju: We are very generous and frindly with them,we do not hate the Israeli people or Westeners, we hate their religion and government.

06:32 AM Aug 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

Lovely Fabian, Thanks for the reply.
We all know the respect and know the best way to deal with others, and no one can humiliated himself for knowing someone.

I liked your words when you said, u have to be yourself, this means each person represents himself not his country.

06:59 AM Aug 26 2009 |




ALHAMED, I don't agree with you. Somne Western people hate Arabs or Mulisms and some Arabs or Mulisms hate European or American etc. as some Frenchs hate Italians or some Italians hate Germans and so on.


Unfortunately this is only  people's ignorance who prefer to stay closed in their world and fear to open theirselves to others, expecially the ones who are different from them.


I've got several Arabian and Mulisms friends, in here and in Facebook too. Sharing experiences with them I've learnt many things about your culture. This has made me pretty curious and I started learning Arabian alphabet. Untill today I've been learning the first 20 from the 28 letters but I'm going on.


I tell you this because I want you know that some western people LOVE Arabian and Mulism people..

07:46 AM Aug 26 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

manu wj: I appreciate your reply

The comment you wrote shows me that you are a rational and realistic man, but you may couldn't see what we have seen, I'm didn't generalising all them. I mean alot of them.

09:39 AM Aug 26 2009 |



for me..

I think we don't hate others.

but we hate the government.

04:14 PM Aug 26 2009 |