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~The notion of Time ~




 when we think of time,we think of clock time.from grandfather clocks to wristwatches, all these clocks are supposed to chop for us the 24 hours of the day more or less reliably into hours,minutes and seconds.Everybody's watches are supposed to cut time into slices of even thickness.However , we know from personal experience that time does not "feel" as passing evenly under different circumtances.

  When pursuing some interesting actively , time "flies"; while waiting in  dentist's office ,it "drags".

When Einstein was once asked about this "psychological time" he replied;

" When you spend two hours with a nice girl, you think it's only a minute.But when you sit on a hot stove for a minute, you think it's two hours " ~~...:)

07:04 PM Aug 29 2009 |

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well, it's point of view too. anyway thanks your comment "aliyatul hikmah" :) time sometimes likes a river sometimes it remains motionless:) maybe ,it's up to you..

12:01 PM Aug 30 2009 |