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glassy heart

Saudi Arabia


Being a Muslim means believing that this life is a test for the hereafter.

Being a Muslim means earning lawful bread.

Being a Muslim means respecting elders.

Being a Muslim means to be affectionate towards the young.

Being a Muslim means protecting one's chastity.

Being a Muslim means living a simple life.

Being a Muslim means avoiding greed.

Being a Muslim means learning and gaining knowledge.

Being a Muslim means helping the needy and the poor.

Being a Muslim means considering one's family, their duty from God.

Being a Muslim means walking with a controlled and lowered gaze.

Being a Muslim means to keep their voices low when with parents and elders.

Being a Muslim means to discuss personal matters with experienced people.

Being a Muslim means having patience.

Being a Muslim means to be tolerant.

Being a Muslim means to be forgiving.

Being a Muslim means refraining from bribe and unlawful earnings.

Being a Muslim means caring for their family, neighbors and friends.

Being a Muslim means respecting your mother and father.

Being a Muslim means being nice to your siblings and children.

Being a Muslim means learning, practicing and preaching.

Being a Muslim means never stealing anyone's property or rights.

Being a Muslim means giving the other their due share of rights and respect.

Being a Muslim means living with modesty and contentment.

Being a Muslim means telling the truth.

Being a Muslim means helping and sympathizing the handicapped and the blind.

Being a Muslim means not letting foul thoughts come to one's mind.

Being a Muslim means not hurting the animals.

Being a Muslim means smiling and being nice to everyone.

Being a Muslim means promoting cleanliness.

Being a Muslim means being timely and punctual.


Now you must be wondering what's new in this? These are all civic duties and moral ethics. Nothing new…? Right?


A Muslim believes God to be omnipresent and all-seeing. He rewards him for all the good deeds, and punishes for the bad ones. For a non-Muslim, the above mentioned are just a few codes of ethics. But for a Muslim. These are his DUTIES. And he will be questioned about his performance on the Day of Judgment. Period.


"Be nice to them, even if they detest you. Smile, even if they frown at you. Forgive, even if they stone you. Tolerate, even if they abuse you. Because. In the end, it was never between you and them. It was between you and your God

SO          WHAT        DOES    ISLAM   MEANS      FOR    YOU         BE     HOUNEST  ?

04:59 PM Sep 06 2009 |

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glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

OMNIPRESENT means that allah own the whole knowlede of every thing ,and their are alot of versus in the quranrefearing to  it..


02:02 AM Sep 08 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

it's mean for me every thing .. it's mean that the islam make me a special woman … not for sale ، neither a model for men ..


Being A muslim mean that Islam protected me and make me save and give me the happiness which I can't find it in any where in the world accept the islam ..


being a Muslim mean .. I'm not loser ..


and whatever i did in my life , I have always a chance to make every thing Right….


 being a Muslim mean I'm a winner in the life and a biggest winner after life

03:44 AM Sep 08 2009 |



to be so much greatfull to allah for my kids…


10:59 AM Sep 08 2009 |

glassy heart

Saudi Arabia

yah islam is perfect religion

10:47 AM Oct 09 2009 |




"OMNIPRESENT means that allah own the whole knowlede of every thing"

I think this is the meaning of the word as i know also not presence everywhere, and Allah knows better!

thanks for the topic, it is very illustrative….Smile 

11:15 AM Oct 09 2009 |



Leaf's definition is correct Omnipresent means present everywhere. 


the similar word meaning all-knowing or all-seeing is omniscient. 

12:10 PM Oct 09 2009 |



thanks, i am reading

12:13 PM Oct 09 2009 |




Gkiss, i ve searched for it in the dictionary and found it as glassy wrote.

12:43 PM Oct 09 2009 |



omnipresent adj. present everywhere at all times  the word is correct

12:47 PM Oct 09 2009 |




ya,,,islalm is a perfect religion,,,it give us messge of peace and many other good and noble activities.

08:14 PM Oct 09 2009 |