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Life Talk!

am sure that you have something to say here ,, come in



United Arab Emirates

hello everybody ,,,

each one of us ives a different life ,, even if we live at the same country each part of that country have different way of living ,, a pit different than the common culture ,,  so why don't we share them till us from where exactly you are and describe your culture at that place ,, or something that makes that place different you know what iu mean …

for me ,, i life in United Arab Emarites ,, on the westren zone ,, people in their respects the word ,, so if a police man said you have to come to the station with me ,, if you gave him your word that you'll come after half an hour he respect that word ,, which makes you come after haf an hour ,, did you get that lol

you try to say something about the place you are living in ,,am sure you can do better than me .. Smile

04:57 PM Sep 08 2009 |

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yes.there is something iwill say it about my city and life in general.im  ayoub i live in boumia exactly province of khenifra in midle atlas.its a smal city but beautiful and there is a farme because the economic is concentrat to agriculture..and there is some probleme wish he suffer from it our city .for example illitracy and infrastructure.but i think  in that proverbe "if you don't have what you like you like what you have". i think that my english langauge isn't good  but  i try to ameliorate it.best wishes

05:06 PM Sep 08 2009 |



United Arab Emirates

Moroco is a beatiful country ,,, am with you "like what you have"

sometimes things have it's own charm in many different ways

we are all here to be better ,,, so don't mind your english


09:02 PM Sep 08 2009 |


Saudi Arabia

heey .. i liked your postSmile..

 i'm from SAUDI ARABIA . i live in jeddah… and i love my country so much .. i feel so comfortable in here , it's so undengerous ,so secure not like the foreign country that i went to .. thanks god for that..

 just that what i have to say it..


good bless you

 & have a nice day


09:15 PM Sep 08 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

i live in saudi arabia and all my foreigner teachers said the same thing.. "at least it's safe" my grammar teacher LOL 


i live in the eastern province of saudi arabia and 2 be exact. 

in a town called Qatif. it's really good town but everybody's afraid of us for some unknown reason.. wonder why is that??

anyway.. nice 2 share this topic with ya guys.. see ya around 

12:35 AM Sep 09 2009 |