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Life Talk!

Do you like your body?

Wet September


If you could change something in your body, what would you change?  Height? Weight? Hair or eyes color?

07:12 PM Sep 17 2009 |

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rose Ahmed

rose Ahmed


dont call it self admiration but i really like my beauty my body my height my color  so i dont need to change anything on me…..

but for being honest i like to make a new style ,,,, like changing my hair color,hair cat.

wet septem what about you?????

09:58 PM Sep 17 2009 |



I can live with my horizontally challenged body…;)

05:30 AM Sep 18 2009 |




I love them very much all parts of mine.

03:50 AM Sep 19 2009 |

Atlas Lion

Atlas Lion

United Arab Emirates


I hope I can get this … but I don't think so

 if it is possible all what I want is to be more taller

11:13 AM Sep 19 2009 |




I will be more than happy if i could change my height !

11:15 AM Sep 19 2009 |



thanks to God:)i dont wanna change nothing about my body:):)i am pleased:):)

08:40 PM Sep 19 2009 |



Saudi Arabia

I would change my hair  :\ .. 

10:13 PM Sep 19 2009 |

Wet September


Two years ago, I stopped go to the gym and now I have a little overweight. Now I want to continue training.

09:00 AM Sep 21 2009 |

Whitney S

Whitney S


Honestly I do like my body! :)

05:38 AM Sep 22 2009 |

MiSs DoDo

MiSs DoDo

Palestinian Territory, Occupied

I like my body so much and like to remain as i am because God creats us in this shape so everyone should be satisfied. I am tall and slim and i lke it so much

01:42 PM Sep 22 2009 |