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Life Talk!

if Butterfly Effect really exist,what should we do to change the rest of our lifes?




It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wing can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the world. --Chaos Theory

also,small things in our lifes maybe can make a major difference in the way we live.i've been thinking this question for a long time.recently i got my own answer:just imagine that you are already 40 years old now,and you have one shot,one opportunity to go back to the age when you are 20 and do sth to improve your future. yup now you are back from there,you are sitting at the computer and planning how to waste your time after surfing.you almost forgot the purpose(to change the rest of your life) why u come back here.see,,your body is back,but your consciousness still sticks there at the age of 40.at the end,nothing had changed in your life

so all that you can do now is being yourself,work hard and love someone who is worth your love.then you won't torment yourself when you are 40.

this is my point of view,now what about yours ?


12:45 PM Sep 23 2009 |

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Naty :P

Naty :P


Seth your point seems nice but just too complicated to my brain xD anyways I'm not going to express my opinion about it but we once talked about it at biology class (yeah we don't exactly study about this affect but soon you'll understand why): 

we were learning about the human body and talked about some disease that still don't have a cure (don't remember exactly which, but that's not the point). One guy in my class doubted that this disease is so fatal and also asked some question. The teacher said :"I'm not inventing it from my mind. Open the book! If you will, you also might pass the exam with a good mark, then you'll be able to enter to a good med uni if you want to, become a doctor and study about the causes of this disease. One they you might find the cure and the whole world will be thankfull to you". 

Then other student said: "wow! think about… it all might start if only you opene the book."

01:12 PM Sep 23 2009 |




yup Naty good example,what the teacher said seems like unreal,but this is exactly what i'm talking about



01:22 PM Sep 23 2009 |

Naty :P

Naty :P


why it's unreal? it is real….many disease that caused death many years ago are now canbe avoided. Well but she was just trying to encourage him to study for the exam xD the unreal part was to actually make hime open and read the book xDD

01:26 PM Sep 23 2009 |



In my opinion, as long as my life..I do what I wanna do, don't do anything for someone else, even it's for your parents, kids, siblings, friends.. it's not good. I try my best to live without regret and try my best to give positive thought about anything that in my point of view was rejecting.

So…I never have a will to get back to the past because future is the best even death is going to be something that really exciting. (Am I insane? LoL)

05:42 AM Sep 24 2009 |



There is a story i would like to share about the butterfly effect, it really involves something about my life.

Back in those days, I think i would become a bad person, not like a killer but not a very person in general. I was actually dating this girl one day, and this when I got stucked by a bus. My fault really but was it my destiny to get hit by that bus or could I have avoided it? If i didn't get hit by that bus I would of turned out to be a really bad person because i always would count on my looks, but now that's changed and i have the scars to prove it. Getting hit by that bus almost did kill me but its changed the way i looked at things. So if i did go back into the future and stopped myself from getting hit by that that bus… i will know for sure i will be a bad person.

11:06 AM Oct 25 2009 |



Ok, first of all, the idea of having the control of our lifes only makes us suffer and block us to enjoy the good times we can have. If the "butterfly effect" exists, you don´t need to travel in the past, the simple fact to being in a place or being alive or dead affects all and everyone around us, you can´t escape of it. So, why we don´t focus on the present than being centered in the "what if…", don´t you think?

04:15 PM Oct 26 2009 |