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Life Talk!

What is your opinion? Is depression an illness or it's just a way to attract atention?

Sunny Penguin


What do think about it? And why so many people mix up bad mood and depression?

08:51 PM Nov 13 2009 |

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I think it is because of the persons personality. Depression is a rare feeling for me I need to feel really bad to feel those bad things..

09:42 PM Nov 13 2009 |




well I think depression is type of an illness (mental one). there are a lot of aspects like the personal
environment, or the professional environment which affects on people. Furthermore I think that it depends on
people personalities in the level of "how much" they get depressed!
But it's a really important topic, I don't know if someone has heard about the keeper of the german national football team
who commited suiced based on hard depression!! depressions are definitely no way for attracting attention.

09:46 PM Nov 13 2009 |



Russian Federation

why we mix up these definitions so often? just because ppl by their nature are so weak that if smth negative happens in their lives they want everyone be involved in this.. i mean.. the person feels bad, person needs support, person wants someone or somebody be close and doing smth positive to raise the mood or mental state again.. if we say – oh, u know im in a bad mood.. what reaction will be?.. only – ah, c'mon, life is cool and stuff, don't think bad, everything will be ok..
but now imagine what if u hear – dude, im in depression and it eats me as hell.. 
i don't know why after hearing word "depression" we like start thinking deeper abt the person's problem.. like smth really bad happened with him/her, and the words like "everything will be ok, don't pay attention" won't work..

my opinion, sometimes ppl use others by saying "i have depression" to get them closer as usual.. and in this case – yes, they overplay the facts.. cause if the person really has this mental disorder it's enough obvious to guess, and u don't need to hear it from the person directly.. _M1chael said abt the goalkeeper of the german national football team and his suicide.. i saw in news abt that.. and really feel sorry for him.. but back to all those words said by other players of that team.. all of them knew abt his state.. all of them knew he did have depression.. cause like i said – u can't hide this mental disorder if it exists inside you..

also.. again abt ppl's weak nature.. lot of ppl use to "scream" abt their bad mood all the time.. i really hate to see all these fucking mood statuses on facebook, like "my life is broken"/"this is the end"/"i didn't know life could be so diffiucult" and stuff… in this case YES YES and one more YES all these guys trying to attract attention from others.. and don't know why i don't like it so much.. if u are normal, call ur friend or talk with parents or just go outside and breath fresh air.. stop being so obviously "jerked off".. 

when ppl see such mood status, they feel pity for you.. and u know what? "better to be envied than pitied" (proverb).. that's my subjective opinion..

09:40 AM Nov 14 2009 |