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What would you call a person(Citizen) who refuses to Sing his countries National Song and National Anthem?

06:15 AM Nov 14 2009 |

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Well they can not dare to say that in here.. Not because of our goverment but people are "really" sensitive.. But yes probably we call that kind of people as traitors..

08:20 AM Nov 14 2009 |



I agree. Traitor is not an accurate description. But I don't see that singing the national anthem is some kind of duty. 


Although it involves the pledge of allegiance and not the national anthem, I recently read a story about a young boy in Arkansas who is being harassed because he refuses to say the pledge in school.



01:28 PM Nov 14 2009 |



United Kingdom

It depends on their reasons. Generally the reasons are bad.


A person should show pride for his country even if he has problems with its policies and history.

11:04 PM Nov 14 2009 |




Yes, they cannont be called as Traitors.  

but as Oghuzkhan pointed out,  People are really sensitve to Such things. There was a Contriversy in India, were people of Certain Community did not want to sing the National Song and Anthem . 


maybe he is not proud of beeing part of them, or doesn't agree with its politics, or his country hurt him and doesn't give him his rights.

What if they don't want to be part of It, Inspite of giving every right, and being Pampered? 


07:06 AM Nov 22 2009 |



Russian Federation

are football players traitors as well? i mean those who "suppose" to sing their national anthem at the beginning of every international game.. cause obviously not everyone does sing..

but all this can't define them as traitors.. what if their soul sings while listening to the anthem and not the mouth)) 

12:26 PM Nov 22 2009 |




me too  agree that the word traitors is not the right word to describe a person who   refuses to sing the national song . i think this person he haven't get all his right in his country , work , study , home , may be to  be save but i think if they feel an attak from another country i thinks he will change mind and he will sing the nationl song with full emotion what ever they happen in his country .

about me i love my country what happen love you algeria untill death

06:47 PM Nov 22 2009 |