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Why Chinese always find a Western name?




I wonder why Chinese ppl have 2 names and one of them are only names which they get from movies or from the internet. Why dont they find spanish, german or turkish or arabic names. I dont understand them. what do you think about this, I mean it is weird to me.

02:43 PM Nov 15 2009 |

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Chinese people don't be shy to tell the truth.  8-)

Tell them, we use English name only for fun and being cool! My wife and several friends from college don't know English at all, but they all have an English name. One of them even did not pass a single English test in his/her hight school. But he/she told me "hi, call me David", when we chat online"  ???

Definitely, except those from HongKong, most of Chinese young people who has an English name only want to be cool.

I'm working with lots of foreigners, and have lots of chinese friends working with their boss from abroad, but i have never heard anyone tell me his/her boss refuse to call him/her in chinese(pin ying).

So we use English name not because we speak English, but want to be cool and fun. and in case we simply adore the way westen people live.

08:15 AM Dec 24 2009 |




Chinese has English name for fun,it's one part of being popular.It's help foreigners remeber who we are easily,It's just like some foreigners will give themselves a chinese name when they come to China.

01:03 PM Dec 24 2009 |




they are seducd by the west and feels inferior! and feel shy from their native names coz they r sometimes complicated!

Funny, you your self have a Name that epitomizes western culture, and u accuse others of feeling Inferior?  

05:15 PM Dec 24 2009 |

Monique Fernandes


It's crazy :S I think they should just transliterate their names =/ Like people from Arab countries, Russia, Ukraine, Macedonia, etc do!

06:29 PM Dec 25 2009 |



Chinese names can not  be  translated into english names or other foreign names simply through prounnonce or meanings.Every foreign people have learned or tried to speak chinese knows chinese is hard to learn,even including Chinese.To be convenient to communicate with foreign people,maybe everyone needs a english name in the 21th century.So we select the names we like as our english names.

now,I am learning french,so I looked up the calendar of french to find a french name.But it is male.So my french teacher pick out a similiar name for me 'Alline".

I think it meaningless to talk about the topic.

12:44 AM Dec 26 2009 |




what's the problem? this is a chat/forum  you are not supposed to say your real name

01:18 AM Dec 26 2009 |




Chinese names can not  be  translated into english names or other foreign names simply through prounnonce or meanings

ha ha Agreed… Same with Indian names as well. My real names means "Of great wealth" & " swift" and my legal name mean "lord of Snow"

04:38 AM Dec 26 2009 |



This question is funny!Why Chinese always find a Western name? I have no clue! Maybe , It is just cool! I have a English name when I was begin to learn English.At that time, my teacher ask us to pick up a English name as my name in English. We thought it is natural to have a English name.

06:15 AM Dec 26 2009 |

star mosy

star mosy


nothing to explain,people have explained it,haha  my nikename is star,but my chinese name is 唐佩珠,can u read it out?And the pinyin is Tang Peizhu,dont u think it's too hard to read or remember for u?and dont call me miss Peizhu,Tang is my first name~

06:57 AM Dec 26 2009 |