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Is marriage essential for a successful life?



Hi friends, like to have your comments on, how important is marriage in a successful life. and even after marriage are they leading a successful and happy life. without marriage cant we be successful?

11:46 AM May 22 2007 |

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ı think marriage is not the stay in the same house with ur mate,ıt means changing ur life style.for example when u re single u re frier,ex u can go out for a drink and return home when u want becouse there is noone waiting u,or u can go out for a meal becouse u dont want to eat alone,etc.

but when u married ur life goes on regularly,time to breakfast,time to dinner,weekend activities,etc..

regulariy gives u success..

and also sharing ur life with ur mate give u happiness,besides motivetes u to success..

and happiness gives u success,too.

thats the reasons come in my mind,ıf ı think maybe ı can find more:)

06:58 PM May 22 2007 |



A happy marriage is essentail for a successful life.Kiss

04:36 AM May 23 2007 |




every one has a different life ,if you haven't marrid you will not get the happiness from a marriage,but if you married you will lose the happiness of being a single one,just like a sentence , the one in the encircle city want to go outside but the one out of the encircle city want to go inside it

06:46 AM May 23 2007 |