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Life Talk!

anyone had a medical error or mistake .. or heard about it wanna share it with us welcomeee



United Arab Emirates

hi guys how are u doing allll

i will be happy to hear from u ur storries and what happend later what were the consequesnces and so on

 one of the strories happend to our friend she had a surgery in stomach after one hour she wokeup and was screaaaaaaaaming crying crying doctor said this is due to surgery dont worry dear

she couldnt bear it after that they toook her to xray room and guess what they saw a secssior in her stomach opsssss was so scary and qucik they had surgery again and took it out but after what ?

its so scary we know everyone make mistakes but doctors job is differ dealing with human life anyway finally doctor hospital paid compensation and doctor kicked out of hospital ….


so wanna hear from u

07:22 AM Nov 23 2009 |

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Russian Federation

Wanna post one terrible story which happened in Russia in 2007. 2-months old baby-girl lost her arm cause of medical mistake.


Sonya was two months old when she was taken to hospital with hoping-cough on December 31 of last year (2006 A/N). When a nurse tried to inject a drip into her arm she allegedly stuck the needle into an artery instead of a vein. The blood from the artery is said to have begun to thicken, stopping her circulation. Several days later her arm had to be amputated despite efforts from doctors to save it.

The doctors who were responsible for Sonya's treatment claim she has a blood disease which caused a clot in her blood vessel, or thrombosis. This in turn led to the amputation, but the girl's father disagrees and says he is seeking justice for his daughter.

Hopefully she will be able to use an advanced prosthesis in the future, so she can have full movement. But doctors amputated the whole of her shoulder joint and for the time being only an artificial limb is possible.

The father does not believe his child has a blood disease and is demanding an independent medical enquiry into the case. He says he wants to prove both the doctor and nurse are guilty of negligence.

This case has attracted attention not only from the media in Russia, Minister of Health and Social Development  Mikhail Zurabov has offered his support and promised to oversee the case. In Krasnodar itself it has already been dubbed one of the most complicated cases the region has seen and the trial is not expected to be over quickly. 


this story shocked me as hell when i heard abt it..

the doctor who was guilty for this case got convicted and was put in isolation cell for 11 months.. but he commited suicide..he slashed his wrists..

i think he just couldn't endure this pressure.. his own conscience ate him..


once again i got convinced – the God sees everything! 

09:34 AM Nov 23 2009 |