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Life Talk!

Let's talk about bad habits



Russian Federation

Hi, friends,

this post is only to know abt your bad habits (if you have any or even if you got rid of them) , to share  with us how to get rid of them, to give an advice…

I'm glad that my dear husband was able to stop smoking.

but my dad still can not stop doing it.

one of my friend's husband used to drink too much beer almost every day.

so, what do you think about the problem?

09:28 AM Nov 23 2009 |

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Russian Federation

i agree that people MUST talk abt these problems.. it's very important nowadays.. especially here in Russia with alcohol.. lot of families are broken cause of this terrible habit.. either mother or father do drink alcohol in the family.. and kids see that.. they try to stop their parents, they ask them so hard.. but parent(-s) don't hear them.. kids suffer.. they wanna be loved by mom and dad.. and instead of this they see every day fightings and arguing.. that's why many children start leading the so-called "street life" and start taking forbidden stuff (such as drugs for example).. poor young girls and boys try to avoid their families cause of constant depressive atmosphere which exists at home.. some of them become criminals.. and that's so dangerous.. they can be caught by police, they can even be killed by someone accidentally.. all this should show to people that we must take care of our lives and we must value our family matters.. what else will be left in the end if not our family?..

Parents!! Think about your children every time you raise the glass!! There is the time to stop.. Do it!! 

09:57 AM Nov 23 2009 |