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Life Talk!

Do you know english love poems?




One day when I was to start learning english language, my girlfriend sent sms(love poems) to my phone. It was years ago.
I remember this poems  yet!

Nobody loves you!
Nobody misses you!
Nobody wants to see you!
Nobody wants to talk with you!
Don't cry my name is NOBODY!

If you have as this poems, write here! But don't search from the internet! It's not interesting. good luck! Cool

08:42 PM Nov 30 2009 |

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Well I cant remember when did I read this one.. xD

Night Thoughts

 OH, unhappy stars! your fate I mourn,

Ye by whom the sea-toss'd sailor's lighted,
Who with radiant beams the heav'ns adorn,

But by gods and men are unrequited:
For ye love not,—ne'er have learnt to love!
Ceaselessly in endless dance ye move,
In the spacious sky your charms displaying,

What far travels ye have hasten'd through,
Since, within my loved one's arms delaying,

I've forgotten you and midnight too

Wolfgang von Goethe

08:49 AM Dec 01 2009 |