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What's the difference . ?


United Arab Emirates

Hey . .

well my topic is about * rudeness and telling the truth *

some ppl when u tell them the truth or being honest with them they just get angry and keep telling u * u r RUDE * i feel like it's nothing to do with RUDENESS , . . well 2 weeks ago my frnd had a hair cut n' she's like what do u think ? and i was like * u look CUTE but the long hait fits u more but u still cute xP * and she felt sad then she told me * u r RUDE * eeh ! xD . . !

so what i wanna know is . .

What's ur definition of RUDENESS and telling the truth or being honest ?and what the Difference between them ?





PEACE N' LOVE . . * cute Devil * (6)


01:49 PM Dec 06 2009 |

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my opinion, it's better if you tell the truth, no matter they will like or no.. actually, ppl have to know about the truth.. but some just  hide it

02:42 PM Dec 06 2009 |




Most of us just don't want to hear the truth because it hurts! But if you tell them the truth that does not mean that you're being rude. Sometimes its just not better to ask people how they think when you know they will tell the truth and that truth will hurt you. That is what i do. I save the questions for myself if i know it will hurt me to hear other people's view.Laughing

04:10 PM Dec 06 2009 |



well, don't tell something hurt if they don't ask…hehe

12:13 AM Dec 07 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

yeah i didn't mean to hurt her i told her in nice way hehe xP ! but idon't know . . , some ppl don't like the truth or they just don't accept it =P hehe


And thanX all of ya 4 passing by ! -

12:44 PM Dec 07 2009 |

Atlas Lion

Atlas Lion

United Arab Emirates

she shouldn't be  .....

but you got to say your opinion in kind way don't shock her directly try to make her ready 4 what R U going to say bcz for sure U know that she isn't gonna like it

Friends should get each other

01:37 PM Dec 07 2009 |

Nice shadow

United Arab Emirates

I think u should told her in anice way and try your opinion will not hurt her. In my opinion honest sometimes hurt so we should say our opinion in akind way.

02:21 PM Dec 07 2009 |


United Arab Emirates

yeah i know ! i told her in Nice way =P hehe


thanX 4 passing by =D

07:07 PM Dec 07 2009 |