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Avatar had reached to people hearts


United Arab Emirates

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة الصورة كاملة.

Avatar name could be undesirable by many people, as it implied the spectrum of meaning which is "to embody the philosophical Gods" that may be sentenced to the film or the essence of it., 'But! Let us pause a moment! With ourselves and think a little! Does always the name of the movie tell us what's inside the movie? Is the name of the film is the important factor which makes the movie desirable or not??

Many questions I ask myself, but answers will not be found as long as I didn't go deep inside what I think .

Yes, this is the case with the movie avatars!., 'The impact of the film, which I can't find any words to descibe my feelings towards this fantastic movie, which becomes now one of my preferable movies ever., 'and that's according to what this film holds of meaning and substance!.,'

Let me now explain more about my words., 'Everyone thinks a certain way.,' Some are thinking in a limited way while others thinking in a colossal way.
So, every one learns through observe, watch and hearing while others play, wasting time without any benefit!!

Movie avatars, who speaks for the planet Pandora, home to a group of people claiming to Navi., 'Those people who live through the mix of the human DNA an Navi DNA.,'

Due to the events of the film's hero Jake who had been given him an opportunity to experience access to the Pandora by something called intruder, which is Grace's project ., 'Which is located under the supervision of Parker, who wants this project to reach the hearts of Navi people to gain confidence that which will make the Earth's population led by Colonel Miles demolished planet of Pandora.,
Through Jake trip and his love to the leader Eytukan's daughter whose name is Netere.,'
he starts to feel regret and guilt to disclose the secrets of the planet for each of the Colonel Miles and scientific researcher Parker., 'It is here where Jake begins to change and becomes designed to protect the planet Pandora., and because of this turning point. The war starts between the inhabitants of Pandora led by Jake and inhabitants of Earth, led by Colonel Miles.,'

This is what impacted on me a lot !., ' That human being in a lot of time wastes their time doing things which does not benefit them but only harm them, and when they realize that. The war starts with themselves and with people around them due to the remorse of what they have already done.

All that started when Jake was initially believed that he would regain the boon walk through the promise of Colonel Miles's condition which if Jake provided for Colonel all the required information that the Colonel wants.

Have Jake ever thought about what will happen to the people of planet Pandora if they have been killed without guilt?
Have Jake ever thought about why Colonel Miles wants to demolished the planet!?

And the Navi did not commit any sin against the population of the earth?
Have scientists once thought that human life is priceless???

This is the case, unfortunately about our planet Earth! Now people everywhere judging each other quickly without prior knowledge.

And we all know that through the knowledge and depth in others
is the key way to know if the judgment was wrong or right.

In short., 'Let's start with changing ourself as Jake did .,' and of course each one of us will change according to what he sees is the better !., 'For example.! If your relationship with your parents is awful then start changing it to be good,
make your transaction with your parents more peaceful.

If you do not visit the Elder Care Center, which for the elderly! Start it now and start visit them and show them some kindness and compassion which they have lost from their children. If you're someone who does not read books start buying them now and benefits yourself and others from what your learn.

Start changing now for the better and make the Influence of your change if it was good to be effected to all
who around you,.

اضغط هنا لمشاهدة الصورة كاملة.

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{ Vip Groovy Girl }


{ 15/1/2010 }

03:16 AM Jan 15 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

i heard the movie was epic.. but the avatar: the game on ps3 and xbox360 sucks… 

01:56 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Mr.Bond Ok I will check out the site and the film, but would you plz tell me the film's name in English.

btw, I advise you to watch the Avatar, it is really so great movie, it will be one of ur fav movies if u did watch it.

02:35 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Jack_240 Avatar is one of the greatest movies that hollywood had made after a serious of amazing films. Avatar now had already entered the history. And there is no wonder about that as long as James Cameron is the director and writer of this amazing movie. James Cameron has already greatest movies such as Titanic, Terminators, Aliens etc.

02:47 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

btw Jack_240 forget the game and watch the movie, the game is nothing compared to the film.

This remind me in Tomb Raider. Well, the game was amazing and fantastic but the movie was just a disaster, well, not all the parts. I mean part 1 of the movie was acceptable and we can say it was good. But part 2 was stupid enough to even watch ! I dunno I just found it a bit boring ! true that I still watch it sometimes ! but that's because I already love Tomb Raider {  the game }, for sure.

02:54 PM Jan 15 2010 |



:D yes it was the best movie of 2009

06:36 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Mr.Bond thanks a lot for putting the name of the movie.

07:35 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Memothehun yes it was the best.

07:37 PM Jan 15 2010 |


United Arab Emirates

Julissita yes it is true that it has so many messages and which u have mentioned are some of them.

07:38 PM Jan 15 2010 |



Russian Federation

avatar is great, watched it million times)

05:35 PM Jan 29 2010 |




Avatar name could be undesirable by many people, as it implied the spectrum of meaning which is "to embody the philosophical Gods" that may be sentenced to the film or the essence of it

Why is it undesirable ?  because the word comes from language of Kafirs(Sanskrit)?

06:00 PM Jan 30 2010 |