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Life Talk!

Genration gap




hello everybody,

i wanna to know about the gap between genration and also share your experience of neighborhood.

niceLaughing, if you replay ......


07:37 AM May 30 2007 |

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Hi rohini,

in your question you had two different unrelated ones. so i couldnt answer both in a page.

we have been experiencing really a wonderful neighbouhood. it depends up on how you take them, how do you intract with them. if you take them as one among your family, the neighbour-code which devides you from your neighbour becomes thinner and thinner. We always find many mistakes with our neighbours, and we expect them to behave to us in some perticular ways. First of all we should scrutinise our life that whether we r doing that mistakes or we are behaving the way we want them to be. are you from India Rohini?


07:14 AM Jun 02 2007 |



in the present society,we always feel upset about our feelings.we have a lot of things to do,tight schedule,give us the reason to avoid communicating with our parents.also,i face the same problem,i alway tell my parents,i am busy with work.it seems i don't want to talk to them.but actually,i love them very much.nobbut,we don't express our feelings directly.

09:26 AM Jun 03 2007 |




my mom phoned me several minute ago,I think some informations would be lost on the net.everyone has their model.actually,I talk to her what I saw the world during being at home.If I am always at home.I think I only say "I love her" when she help me to clean my room.now I learn to clean my room by myself.I always miss her.see,she is in my body,right?Smile

01:07 PM Jun 03 2007 |



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