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2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver Canada




I have been to Vancouver, Canada before. It's a beautiful place!

Have you been to any Canadian cities? Or do you want to go to any Canadian cities?

I think Toronto and Montreal are also very nice!

12:41 AM Feb 02 2010 |

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Well… I've never been to a canadian city, but I want to go there someday…

Toronto is a multicultural city, and I think it would be very nice to spend some days there. :)

10:29 AM Feb 02 2010 |



United States

i hope i will study there )))) and live in future))!


looking forward to see olympic gameees! 

02:34 PM Feb 02 2010 |




It's a very pleasant and clean city. It's surrounded by beautiful natural scenic like the ocean and mountains. Many movies are filmed there. I-Robot, X-men, and Twilight – New Moon are all filmed there.



 There are also many Asian influence in Vancouver. Maybe because it's in the west coast where it's closer to Asia. I had some really good Asian food there!


06:52 AM Feb 04 2010 |


United States

You can find multiculture people in Canada, having different languages and traditions. Your blog is great for people interested in learning different languages. I also want to join English forum to practice and learn about people and their languages. There is a research paper service available there for students and people weak in English.

12:21 AM Jun 02 2015 |