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would convert for the sake of true love?



United States

hello buddies

My topic is about interfaith marriage. whether you are a man or a woman, christian, musilm, jew or whatever religion you follow, hypothetically, would you convert from your current religion if you fell in love with someone from a different relgion?

10:03 PM Feb 07 2010 |

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United States

I think that conversion usually isn't necessary.  As long as the parents share the same values about family, it can work out.  But different religions emphasize different values, and that is something that has to be communicated before marriage.  Personally, i could not see myself converting, and I find it odd that someone could just change their beliefs like that.  I guess it usually happens that someone is not really committed to one idea, and so when they marry they just shift over to being not committed to another idea.  Although, my good friend in Germany did marry a Saudi girl and she became very active in his Church, even more than him.  So, I guess anything can happen.  


But I've thought a lot about my beliefs, and even though my girlfriend right now is a Buddhist and I like Buddhism, I am not interested in calling myself Buddhist.  And if she is not interested in changing her label, I certainly won't force her.  

11:49 PM Feb 07 2010 |



I've been there before, and you better not… don't convert just because of love for human, it can fade away…

12:50 AM Feb 08 2010 |




In my case that won't happen or else I'd be labelled as a hypocrite. Loving someone else doesn't mean that you would change your religion, beliefs, and your priorities for them since that would make you a whole different person that was not true to his self and what he originally was right from the get go.

And besides, didn't you love that person because they were different from you in the first place?

03:28 AM Feb 08 2010 |



I agree with all of you. It is not NECESSARY, BUT… it would be better if the both of 'em follow the same religion, and it is a fact.

05:04 PM Feb 08 2010 |

Aki in L.A

Aki in L.A


I'm not biased against all religion, but religions make the world small. Nationalities, countries and religions are not required for love.   

08:35 PM Feb 08 2010 |




If I believe that a box is blue, and my true loves comes to me and says, "I will marry you, but you must believe the box is yellow."  I could not do this if I tried.  I believe what I believe.

I'm Christian and I wouldn't marry someone who is not Christian for many many reasons, but of course I wish everyone well of all religions.  I hope everyone finds their true love.  Including me :P.

04:02 PM Feb 09 2010 |