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Life Talk!

Dream = Life ?




Let us imaging, in one night, we dreamed that a lion was hunting us and try to catch and eat us.

Of course we will run to a safe place and make sure that the lion will not catch us. Suddenly, we opened our eyes and know that it's only a dream.

But our body is still tired, even it's just a dream, and not real.


Why it's happen?

08:30 AM Feb 19 2010 |

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Maybe there are something bad happened in your real life and you experienced it and fear of it, and it appeared it in your dream.

09:01 AM Feb 19 2010 |



I think your view is correct, the dream is consumption your physical.

11:28 AM Feb 19 2010 |




When the day you thinking some things, that you dream (as same as) some things at the night.

11:33 AM Feb 19 2010 |



I don't know why, but this happens.

11:03 PM Feb 19 2010 |




i think that dream just a dream .but it can help u feeling what u couldn't feeling in the real  life.

07:44 AM Feb 21 2010 |




You came to know that you had a dream because you woke up. What if you never woke up?

Are we sure that the life that  we claim to be real is not a dream?

The Question that you asked is not new…. Your question is actually the core of Vedantic Philosophy   

Maya(Illusion or dream world ) is neither true nor untrue. Since Brahman(God) is the only truth, Maya cannot be true. Since Maya causes the material world to be seen it is true in itself but is untrue in comparison to the Brahman. On the other hand, maya is not false. It is true in itself but untrue in comparison with the absolute truth. In this sense, reality includes maya and the Brahman 

08:10 AM Feb 21 2010 |

Miss Lubaba

Saudi Arabia

I understood that your question is like the following:

Although it was just a dream, It affected me, why?

This is because we have a sophisticated existence.( Subhana Allah)

 The nature of dreams is so mysterious.

When I read more about it, I may help you giving you the answer.


Thank you for your post…

12:44 PM Feb 21 2010 |




We have a brain each other. By using this brain, we trying to be a good one.

We also control all our part of body by using this brain. We speak, hear, and all our communication must use the brain.

Until, in our dream, we still using it. Even our eyes are closed, we still can see in our dream.


How it's happen? Sealed

03:51 AM Feb 23 2010 |




Thanks aliyatul hikmah….


Feel… someone says that the feel has relation with our heart.

But all of us know that our heart has its own function, to make sure all the blood in our body always travel. And in the same time, our body will receive the energy from this blood + oxygen.

We always claim that the feel, angry, sad, happy are located in the heart. The same thing happen with our brain… Most of us believe that the mind is inside the brain.

Any comments? Surprised


07:03 AM Feb 23 2010 |




Dream and life have some kind of relations,in a scientific way,but in fact,what you thought at days will always divert into some other images then appear in your dreams,so if you dream a lion,maybe you have been thinking animals at days.

09:41 AM Feb 23 2010 |