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Life Talk!

I want to know what you think. What is your reason for living?


United States

Ok, I know this is a big question.  But I am really interested in knowing what people from all around the world has to say.

What is the purpose to your life?  Why do you get up in the morning?  What do you want from life?

I am really excited to hear what you have to say.

01:01 AM Feb 23 2010 |

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What is the purpose to your life?  Why do you get up in the morning?  What do you want from life?

i am life for experiencing what i must get, from my fate and from what i do, then all of my mine will be mine and all of my sadness will make my eyes becoming wet and so all my happyness will make my face full of smile. Since birth till death, the phenomenon happen regularly, and i note it as my duty in this world.


every morning, i wake up for delivering my consciousnes to catch my fate and my world and surf on that.


the very best is i want to meet to whom that make all of this becoming my business, i am very miss Him.

10:58 AM Feb 24 2010 |




Hi John, nice thread,

my purpose is to enjoy of the life and to leave a good legacy to the people which I love:

I think that what I need for achieve my objectives is:  love a great woman and know that she loves me too, to meet interesting people and learn from them, to travel a lot, to get a good job which let me be economical independent, to know that my friends are close to me, and to have almost 3 children and give them a good future. I also believe that I must keep myself healthy and I must be positive for enjoy the life.

I won't die before writing a book  and do skydiving :D



01:49 PM Feb 24 2010 |




Everyone have their responsibility in their life,i have a tough family,they always want me to following my brother footstep in my thirty years,sometimes i even don't know what i want,maybe it's good for me,that i can't think too much,it's a more smooth way for me.
Do you have an faith that what you always think that will be come true,just because you can only believe and trust,now i just know there's must be someone waitting for me.

02:41 PM Feb 24 2010 |