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I am a merchandiser from a foriegn trading company in shenzhen China,now I want to change my job but I do not know what to do and what I can do.

I have graduated from college for 4 years but I think I haven't done anything that's useful to my life and career.I know sometimes we must wait for opportunities,but we don't know where it is and how it comes,I am very anxious about my life,I am afraid I will just be a very ordinary people like all the ones in the street,I want to be special and successful.

Dear Friends,what's job now and what's your dream,can I share your thoughts,tks.

04:25 AM Mar 03 2010 |

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I'm a student, but I'd like to work in something artistical such acting or music but i think that my future career will be more scientifical (engineering i guess). Anyway I will never give up my dreams (:

05:31 AM Mar 03 2010 |



being a human

04:38 PM Mar 03 2010 |



United States

My dream is to become an interpreter or manager :) two different fields , but i do hope they are for me:)

06:25 PM Mar 03 2010 |