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April Fools' Day


maria_bSuper Member!


April 1 is the day of pranks and jokes in many countries. It's coming up on Thursday. I am thinking of setting some water on top of a door so it falls on roommate when she gets home. Or maybe I will prank call my roommate when she is at work and tell her she won a radio contest if she will make funny animal sounds. Can you think of a good practical joke for April Fools' Day? A practical joke is something funny you do to someone else.

01:11 AM Mar 25 2010 |

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United States

If you have an iphone, there is this application called "Dude, your Car!" that lets you put dents, scratches, etc on a friend's car.  It's pretty easy to use, you just take a picture of the car and use the app to put damages anywhere on the car. 

Here is a link:  http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/dude-your-car/id358055270?mt=8

The video is cool too!  www.youtube.com/mobilaga

Have fun! 

02:15 AM Mar 27 2010 |


Viet Nam

In april fools' day, certainly, i want to deceive my friends. i will engage  to boy else. i will invite them out to eat something delicious.

02:38 PM Mar 29 2010 |


Iran, Islamic Republic Of

It sounds Wild. Thanks god we don't have such traditions here.

12:00 PM Apr 01 2010 |

Echo Wang

Echo Wang


nothing special on April Fools' day.

06:27 AM Apr 02 2010 |



Nothing is special.

 Just so so.

07:28 AM Apr 02 2010 |



In Poland we also have April Fools' Day. We play pranks on siblings, parents and friends. On top of that we throw water on them. Sometimes it takes an alarming proportion because some people throw water from big buckets :) (thank God it happens outdoors). It is very funny to see some people running away to avoid cold water. But it is our custom and nobody take offence.

08:05 AM Apr 02 2010 |