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Life Talk!

Dear friends, I really need you help... :(

Bebe Cita

Bebe Cita

Puerto Rico

Hello my friend.

Today I feel very strange because I realized I am a stupid :(

This is it: I am young and I have moral, but I feel I dont fit my place… All boys wanna play with girls, they only seek us to have fun for a while and I now I accept it, but I dont accept to be anyone's toy.

All my friends tell me I should change my mind, because I am young and I shouldn be so stick to my moral. They tell me I should not change totally who I am, but to be more open to change.

I have tried to change, but everytime I am about to do it, I step backward because I feel I am not being me, that's just not who I am. I have been struggling with this for such a long time that I prefer not to think about it because It makes me feel very sad.

I feel so so so so stupid! Why cant I be a NORMAL girl!  :(

06:17 PM Apr 03 2010 |

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dear friend,

u r not stupid at, stupid the person who change himself only to fit the other but believe me, inside he is not satifsied, he feel tht he is not happy in his life. i advise u to be as u r and never change only to satisfy the others bec they are not u, even when u love someone, he must accept u as u r, and not doing things that he llikes, bech u find urself in the wrong ways

and god be with u

09:32 PM Apr 03 2010 |



dear friends

you are not stupid and you say good things.

you are young girl and you have to be proud of yourself that you dont accept to be toys anyone..

ı dont know you belive god or not.But you should know that god always near good people.

before god try us what will we do..ıf we save our honour and our honest

pls be patient..

belive me god will meet you real and true love that you will live with him all of yourlife.

god bless you.



09:59 PM Apr 03 2010 |

Mr. Pmosh

Mr. Pmosh

Dominican Republic

Yould be really stupid if you try to fit in others perpctive of you, you´ll never be happy trying to like them, cause you need to like you first. 

10:40 PM Apr 03 2010 |




who said that. I'm really agree with you. Girls don't have to let someone do like they are plaything. you are normal girl. Don't worry about that! If someone don't like the way you are. Let them away! You should be yourself.  

03:30 AM Apr 04 2010 |

Asian man

Asian man


I guess you may suffer from slight anxiety, you had best go to consult a psychologist or doctor

07:17 AM Apr 04 2010 |