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Life Talk!

anyone working at muncipality ? ^^



United Arab Emirates

just curios to know if anyone working there so we can share some informatiom together

im hundred percent sure that noone will enter my post page hhhh im hoping oppiste

05:22 PM Apr 04 2010 |

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maybe you are right no one works in a municipality by ebaby…in my business i have to do sometimes with the municipality staff….in the past it was in Germany like to hit the jackpot when someone got a job by the municipality…they got a good salary and you had a save and a calm job….

but since our politician decided that our soldiers must defend Germany at the hindukush the money which was original for the municipality and the citizens flows now in our military…so our government save by the municipality staff…the staff must do more and more work , has stress and less time and less money for solving the municipal problems!

09:55 AM Apr 09 2010 |



wat kind of information u are looking for? can u explain in details?


03:41 PM Apr 29 2010 |