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Life Talk!

What do you do to help the nature&world?



Hello guys!

I´d like to know if you do something to help the environment, and if you care about it.

Here in Brazil the most popular thing is recicling; I recicle my garbage and I don´t eat meat; I try to not spend much water too.

What you guys do to take care about our house, the planet?


05:33 PM Apr 06 2010 |

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In 5 billion years the Sun is going to be in the red giant phase and it will destroy the earth, so I wouldn't worry too much about the environment.

07:45 PM Apr 06 2010 |



Just the nature and the world help me.

11:13 PM Apr 06 2010 |




My mother also says that all our struggle to protect this planet could be in vain if an asteroid hit the surface. I'm not totally agree with her.

11:38 PM Apr 06 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

we also recycle the Garbage in my home too 

yossic you better not take care of your self coz you wil die at the end ..;)

04:41 AM Apr 07 2010 |