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Life Talk!

Have you ever regreted about anything in your past time?


Viet Nam

Hi everyone. Sometimes, I think about my past time. There are some things make me to regret. How about you? Have you ever regreted about anything in your life?

10:42 AM Apr 12 2010 |

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Wow! Tough question… where do I begin? First of all, I chose to discontinue relations with some people (especially girls), then I chose a wrong university for studies and I was stupid many times.

03:44 AM Apr 15 2010 |



Saudi Arabia


Great topic :)

the thing i've regreted the most was, quiting my study and joining a company

but as you said, regret just makes us feel bad, we just need to keep on and not to think about the past :)

Thank u for sharing this wonderfull topic.

08:57 PM Apr 15 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif


If you are asking about regrets… everyone has regrets

As for me, I regret a lot of my choices.

Starting from high school exams, to the choice of University, and through to choosing my major of specialty.

In my relations with my friends, I have many more to regret that I cannot talk about on here.

But there's a chance to correct some of them, and there's a chance to make some new good things.


06:53 PM May 14 2010 |