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Life Talk!

let us share and talk about your graduation cermony ^^



United Arab Emirates

welcome back long time did not enter this page miss all people's nice topics

 so tell me about ur graduation how it was u graduated from which major any special thing happend hh just talk feel freeeee

waiting for my friends nice replys ^^


10:19 AM May 12 2010 |

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Fadi A. Saif


Graduation, graduation, graduation. One can talk endlessly and tirelessly about that, but since I am still a college student, I will only talk about my high school graduation.

High school graduation where I live is not like those in, for example, the United States of America. We don't have prom dances and such things; so we have a quiet and peaceful graduation.

On the graduation day, one goes to their school in order to get their transcripts, congratulate other students who have passed, and condoling those who have not. In a quiet friendly atmosphere, graduates tend to usually plan a trip for the summer vacation with each other as a sign of happiness and relief. Happiness for graduation, and relief from the stress of anticipation of whether their hard work throughout the entire year will, or will not, pay off.

As a result, having a quiet peaceful, and yet full of fun graduation is a whole lot better to me than just having a loud, maybe troublesome graduation like those of the United States and some other European countries.

Very interesting topic Sara.

Thanks, and I hope you find what you were seeking in my reply.

06:12 PM May 12 2010 |




When  I graduated,I had  an idea"it was over eventually".But now,I miss all of in the college.And a other idea "the campus was a good time".So I will be back ,if I want to study once more.

11:03 AM May 13 2010 |



United Arab Emirates

wow thx alot my friends fadi and waitmycai ^ just inshalla i will graduate soon im in training now i really misss my college and friends so much work atmosphere is really so differ than the college study

waiting for my other friends replies tooo hhh ^


05:13 PM May 13 2010 |