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Life Talk!

what I Expect In My Life




                   what i expect in my life
  During my 20 years`life,i always feel confused and overwhelmed.
  To the prosperous society,i`m a kite gone beyond recall.I'm tired of my life now.Everyday I do the same old things,facing books,computer and boring class.I want to change my life.But I don't know how to change it.I even don't know what kind of life I want.Sometimes,i make great plans for the future, but in most cases, I only can fulfill very few of them,so i feel sad.
  Unfortunately,i`m a real perfectionist.On the other hand,i`m a aspirant man,i want advancement, honors and a high position.What a pity!I demand all,but have nothing.That`s the reason for my sorrow.
  Last winter vacation,i came to a village which surrounded mountain, there has a picturesque scenery,poeple all has a goodness of heart,despite they are poor and ignorant.
  Suddenly,i felt comfortable.I know what i expect in my life is tranquility.I like the mountain,the ghyll,the villager.I want to escape from the foppishly society.To be a man like Li Shutong,therefore,i decide to be a rural teacher.It can make me calm down in my life.Learn to be less ambitious by living a
quiet life.Love what i love,do what i want to do.That`s the last way to find a good outlet.
  Is it a dream?I don`t know.
  Maybe it`s my fate.

09:27 AM Jun 15 2007 |

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Good for you.

07:57 AM Jun 16 2007 |




I think there are something behind honor and high position.I don`t want to be a boss that because there is responsibility on his shoulder.fortunately,I found something behind books.It`s lik music score.there are some national factors behind it.that make music more meaningful.you are still under the policy.you can bring you own to the students in the countryside.

11:25 PM Jun 16 2007 |




thanks . liang

i can bring my own to the students in the countryside.thank u DAR

03:52 AM Jun 17 2007 |



United States

i agree with you ,

one needs to escape the busy city life so as to rearrange his thoughts and plans for the coming days ..

and the best escape is nature ..


11:20 AM Jun 17 2007 |


United Arab Emirates

I hope that u find your dream and way to live comfortable …

good luck to u ….

sometimes i feel that I live in life i don't to be in it….other times i feel we are in a posstion to do what we want we can do it ..it just need a desier and hope to complet what we start…

12:18 PM Jun 17 2007 |