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Life Talk!

Tell me about your real job or about your future job....plz



HELLO Everybody! i'm really happy that find this chat. Today i wanna ask about professions. Tell me plz:) ok SEE YOU. hope i will know many interesting info soon. 

10:41 PM Jun 18 2007 |

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Brian USA

Brian USA

United States

English Teacher in Guiyang, China.    Before arriving in Guizhou province I was in Shanghai, China.   It is difficult to say which is better..  Shanghai definately has the conviences of a modern city.  Unfortunately, it also shares the pitfalls of a megatropolis such as pollution and traffic problems.   Guiyang on the other hand enjoys the relaxed atmosphere of isolation and being stagnant.  The city itself is filthy and (noise, air and water) pollution are rampant.  The only redeeming quality of the city is the surrounding countryside which is quite nice and clean.   Sadly though, given time I'm sure the locals of Guiyang will destroy that also.



02:31 PM Jun 19 2007 |