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Life Talk!

Life talk Do you believe in friendship between men and women?


Russian Federation

Do you believe in real friendship between men and women?

Here is a taste of Russian poet Marina Tsvetaeva's charming poem, from 1915, translated by A. Kneller:

I like the fact that you're not mad about me,

I like the fact that I'm not mad for you,

And that the globe of planet earth is grounded

And will not drift away beneath our shoes.

I like the fact that I can laugh here loudly,

Not play with words, feel unashamed and loose 

And never flush with stifling waves above me

When we brush sleeves, and not need an axcuse.


11:10 AM Jun 03 2010 |

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it s impossible

there are many facts about it,

i tihnk, a gay could be a good friend for woman

01:51 PM Jun 03 2010 |




yep i  belive friendship between man and woman , sure dari(kobiet.ka)  ur thought is right & Truthful  !!!!


Friends are friends and thats that. Girl or guy it doesnt matter. You cant be friends if you have some weird secret crush though. It will just mess you up. !!!

02:48 PM Jun 03 2010 |




Yes I think so – if you are asking if men and women can be just friends without any romantic involvement,I've many friends who are women and i know them from their childhood and we have been out many times. This kind of relationships can be easily maintained only when you dont cross the limits which you frame yourself. I've seen others who have also fallen in to the pit due to lack of self-control.

but some people are so melicious they think very bad things about women!!!

02:56 PM Jun 03 2010 |




oh nice dari u r a gud friend Smile

02:59 PM Jun 03 2010 |




Ummm, I don't think and question too much about whom I talk to …. After long time yesterday I was chatting in the chat room with shadow-nick, the nick which is difficult to guessed whether male or female ….. the first question enquirers asked me was something like, "are you 'f' or 'm'?" I asked several times from many questioners back, "is to know my gender pre-requisite for chat and does female speak different kind of English than male? .... sometime when I pretend to males that I am a girl, they were more willing and zealous to chat, and than some other times when I told them I'm male, they immediately stop giving me attention …. I thought, what a strange behavior! 

Next favorite question which they ask … " where are you from" and many times I answer, " the same world which you and me share, I don't think you would be from some extraterrestrial lands, are you?" and if they insist too much I changed my answer, "I belong to extraterrestrial lands" , than in return they smile and after chatting few lines they again ask me, " now, come on, where are you from, how old are you and from which country?" .... I than pondered, " is to answer these burning questions I am here for ?!", and "if these are so burning questions why did I choose to come here in first place, and why don't I go to some park and ask every passer by these mind-boggling questions?!!!! 

But I admit, pattern of this kind of behavior was more from males, and, female were less interesting to know about my gender, and thanks to them, and that's why I chose to chat with them because male shunned me totally! :)  

By the way the poem from Russian poetess is lovely and deep!  Like it bounds without bounding, attach without attachment and create without creating!

03:38 PM Jun 03 2010 |


Russian Federation


I highly appreciate your laconic reply and I'm glad to read this kind of answer.


I partly agree with you.


In spite of your young age, your opinions , as a rule,are very reasonable.


I think you're a very good and loyal friend.


You've told as if about my experience.That's why I don't feel like entering the chat. Thank you for your appreciation the poem.

I thank all of you!

05:26 PM Jun 03 2010 |



Costa Rica

I think that it is difficult because the men seeks other things

06:03 PM Jun 03 2010 |


Russian Federation


I'm sorry if I hurt young ladies' feelings.    Embarassed

06:07 PM Jun 03 2010 |




Why decide friendship on basis of gender? If the friendship of male-male and female-female isn’t even questioned then why the genuinity of a cross gender friendship should be doubtful? Just because you might get amorous? And what about gays and lesbians? If we take them into consideration, then do we shun friendship altogether? There’s a poem in my language that translates as “Males and females; are the two wings; Of the bird called society” just as a bird cant fly with one wing a society cant survive or function without a healthy relationship between males and females.
@saladeen, lmao that happens all the time. You know, even if you’re not looking for flirting, even people from opposite sex will be more likely to be drawn towards even a casual talk. I have a profile on a pen pal site where I’ve found some of my best pen pals, and all happen to be girls! Lmao. No guys ever send me a message. And when I try from my side, it ends with nothing. The other time I finally added a guy from Japan. But he turned out to be gay trying to hit up on me. Lol. Had to delete him.

06:20 PM Jun 03 2010 |




seagull: You are wellcome!

Kobiet-ka and Naseem:

Actually I was aware how this kind of chat-pans used to be but I thought the world is making, creeping and leaping itself so advance in technological marvels than why don't I check-out whether they also making any progress in their attitude, behavior, etiquette and leashing their mental health problems… and to tell you that wasn't much disappointment ;)

In previous episode I had just described half story( the story of creeping into private chat-pans :) )

In this episode the rest of story would further testify that the world might have achieved the pinnacle of physical marvels but deep down to the essence they are still struggling to be poor as they were before.

The main window chat-pan was full of trash conversation, ranging from advertisement of sex-seekers, geo-political analysts, ongoing problems around the world and making every other person responsible for their own miseries, trials and tribulations, and, elevating themselves even far above any other person on earth :) Muslims were accusing whole west for their ongoing miseries and west was provoking them by calling all of them terrorist, criminals and lots and lots of bull-shit … to tell you whole the chat-room was more like brutal battle-field …

Some males were calling vulgar names to females for not giving them any attention like children use to play giddy goat when their mothers don't give them any attention … which we can name "attention seeking syndrome" or we can abbreviate  "ASS"

Than there were those who were lulling each other by making themselves saints , intellectuals and showing different multifarious skills; maybe that's how they trap 'big fat fish' :))

But there were some rays of hope from those who were calming down the duel playing teams to settled down and were offering them to drink some cold-water; maybe to brightened their senses for next coming volley :)   

Every human face you can find there if you can not find some face that's natural. Artificial is better word for our outside world, and chat-rooms are not from extraterrestrial … :) and I was among those who portray themselves alien and extraterrestrial; so, they too have the right to argue with me the claim of my own natural existence and sainity?   


Hope someday humanity will catch some idea to make some difference in their mental health marvel as well! 

( I am also included in that bunch of people whom I have described above and I too need some kind of rehab, after all that isn't  what I need to be -extraterrestrial :)) )


10:57 PM Jun 03 2010 |