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Tell me about your country's school system




Hi!  Thanks for checking my forum.

I'm very interested about other countries school systems.

I'd like to know how your countries school systems work, especially what school events are there, how long the summer vacation is. Is there entrance exam to enter high-school? When does the school year start?

I live in Japan, and here, there are nothing but events through out the school year.(entrance ceremony, sports day, culture day, many open houses, school trips and so on)  Summer vacation starts end of July till end of August.  There are entrance exams to enter high-school so, kids has to study in junior-high school like crazy. But as you see, there are too many events in the school year to study, so kids has to go to after school class(private business called cram school)to catch up.

I feel kids here in Japan are so poor.  What they are learning at their school is to be good at taking tests.

Let me know about your country's school situations and how you feel about it, please.Smile  thanks


07:49 AM Jun 20 2007 |