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Life Talk!


baidehi bose


What will you feel if u once comes to now that you are not the own child of your parents? What will do you do after knowing that you are not their own child? How will you react to this? Have you ever feel the depth of darkness which you see when you closed your eyes? Its just like that. Just look around your sides and all the doors of life will seem to be closed to you AND there our life meets with the actual challenge that how could we recover it and how to live happily. Its very easy to say that life is a challenge so accept it but very tough job to do. Here the real test of life comes. So please share your feelings here with me that how will u feel for this and what will you do. Thank you.

07:43 PM Jun 13 2010 |

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I'm sorry for your sadness…

I'm the only son of my parents and when I was child I wanted to have a brother or sister, even I asked with letters to the Three Magic Kings of Orient in Crhistmas lol

so I would feel happy to know that I have a brother, maybe also a bit angry for don't know it before. I think a brother or sister can be the best friend and ally in your life.

I'd run to meet him and I will say: Hi man, we have lost a lot of time, let's retrieve it :D

01:59 AM Jun 14 2010 |