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Life Talk!

Coffee time!




Hey, do you guys like coffee? 

Could you tell me when do you think is the suitable time for you to have coffee? It's when you're reading, thinking  or chatting with your friends, otherwise you prefer just to hold a cup of coffee on the way?

They are two kinds of style for coffee, maybe one is for European, and the othere is American.

Which kind of style are you in?

01:09 AM Jun 27 2007 |

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Hello Maggie!

Wow! I really love coffee. I'm addicted to it, to tell you the truth. I need a cup of coffee in the morning, if I don't have it, I spend all day in a bad mood, because it gives me a headache!

Well…  As I said, I really love coffee, and I have a cup of coffee in the morning, and if I'm home, in the afternoon. At work we have a coffee machine, and sometimes I have a cappucino… hmmm

I drink coffee whenever I want to, there is no fixed time for a good coffee! Wink

And is also good to be among friends and drink some… Amazing!


02:22 AM Jun 27 2007 |




Hey Michellita, I love the unique taste of coffee too. However I just drink it once in a while, because too much of it would make me sleepless.

Chinese people, you know, prefer to have tea together which is a more healthy drink.

Anyway being with my close friends and talking something interesting is first of all, whatever drink I'm having.


06:38 AM Jun 27 2007 |




I drink coffee now and then, whenever someone else bothers to make it. When I make it myself, it always tends to turn out quite disgusting, which is a mystery to me.

I suppose I drink the European kind, since I live in Europe. I always have my coffee with milk.

Even more than the taste, I love the nostral-opening scent of it. There's nothing better than taking a deep breath of the extatic smell…

10:48 AM Jun 27 2007 |



I didnt like coffee, it isnt a kind of heaithy drink.

But I uesed to drink it,when I was too tired to do anythingthat I must finished.

I think if we drink it too much ,it will cant work for a long time.


12:29 PM Jun 27 2007 |




I like the good smell of coffee,

Bcz of the hard-working,i tasted coffee to make me more energetic, however,it doesn't work on me later.

Besides,i wanna say, too much coffee is not good for health.So once a while is the best way.

02:44 PM Jun 27 2007 |




I am used to drink a cup of hot coffee.but it`s getting hot recently.I just wanna eat "ice shavings" which have mung bean or grass jelly…etc on the ice shavings.and now I have a headache without drinking coffee.I consider eating seeds.It is a good idea since I heard it from…....

03:35 AM Jun 28 2007 |




Hi the above guys, please don't pay your attention on your body until you feel unhealthy.

Just do some physical exercises regularly, then you'd be feeling more and more healthy.

05:03 AM Jun 28 2007 |



United States

Coffee warms me up in the winter, so I drink it a lot then. I don't like coffee as it is served in many places in the world. I like coffee where I can taste its many flavors. I don't like beans that are roasted until they are burnt. I like the beans to be a dark brown in color with a dry surface. This indicates that they've not been roasted too long. Beans that are shiny and black in color tell you they will taste terrible. Some people mistake watered-down espresso as "Americano" coffee. Some mistake the majority of what Starbucks serves as "good American-style" coffee. It is not. Most Starbucks coffee is burnt and the bad taste is masked by all the sweet extras that are poured into it.

Add to this the facts that it costs too much and most of it exploits the farmers that grow it… stay away from Starbucks and try some really good coffee. Dunkin' Donuts in the USA usually has good coffee that is inexpensive.

04:09 PM Jun 28 2007 |




Hi Mike, then do you know which coffee shop has typical coffee in China?

07:04 AM Jun 29 2007 |




ı am coffee addicted too:)some years ago ı have drinking black but becouse of headache ı gave up black one becouse ıt is stronger and not healty.now ı drink coffee with milk or coffee mate.

ı prefer drinking ıt especially in the morning when ı am wakeful and sometimes at nigthts ıf ı am studying..

here in turkey people usually prefer tea in every part of the day espeacially in the breakfast  but ı dont like ıt so ı drink ıt in the breakfast instead of tea..

01:53 PM Jun 29 2007 |