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Do u study EnglishBaby's lessons every day ?



Saudi Arabia

hi every one how r u 

firt of all I am just—-girl

but I couldn't use my name I don't know what's the problem

tell solving the problem I will use my really name Ghala


I am just  thinking of englishbaby's lessons infact I tought them before but I stopped  , minuts before I took  a quick tour for lessons 

they are very benifit I really want to study them every day coz now I just use and write in the forum


what about u ?  


01:28 AM Aug 13 2010 |

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United States

somedays ..  im very want learning per day.but it hard to insist to me

06:50 AM Aug 13 2010 |



i justhave a look at the interesting ones..

07:09 AM Aug 13 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

i would like

08:58 AM Aug 13 2010 |