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what do you do when you are studing something that you don't like at all, subjects that you really hate, but unfortunately you canno't quit ?

11:40 PM Aug 17 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia

dont study  it and change  the  thing  to somthing  connecting with me 

11:45 PM Aug 17 2010 |

miss blue

miss blue


mm actually i faced this problem but i studied these subjects as well as i could because i need marks 

i tried to repeat them more than other subjects that i like  

this helped me to improve my skills in them

it works with me =) 

11:59 PM Aug 17 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

if its  schoole  then we are forced to study it

if  i didnt  like them i will not study it

but maybe just  in exam

if uni then  you must to change it  to somting you like

12:02 AM Aug 18 2010 |



United States

If you really can't quit, try to 


1  Take pride in a job well done

2  Look for another option, plan ahead

3  Try to get some hobbies, like dancing or sports or whatever you like.

03:21 AM Aug 18 2010 |

Gucci Yeung


I used to met the same problem as you do. I hated Geography. And Politics was my enemy. I couldn't learn these two subjects well and sometimes even failed ;-( But I finally realized that I need to change my attitude or I wouldn't get a good grade. Afterwards I regarded them as a necessary challenge in my studying instead of something I dislike, and worked harder with them. I started to improve, every little progress inspired me. At the same time, I gradually found more interesting things during the boring study. Now I've made a big progress, I often get the highest geography/politics score in my class. Hope you can soon solve it too :)

05:36 AM Aug 18 2010 |

sally sunflower


I dont like physics and chemistry,they are too difficult.But, to be a student in china,its MY duty to learn them well. Although they are awful>w<

and I just relax myself,hmm..i prefer to listen to music or take a walk for a while..in order to calm down

After that Tongue outI just convince myself to like them… and try my best to learn them well 


06:53 AM Aug 18 2010 |




Ahhhh~if you can not change this situation , the only thing you can do is try to falling in love with it , good luck to you .


12:44 AM Aug 19 2010 |


Russian Federation

As for me, I try to motivate myself in smth I don't like and imagine myself as a teacher who stays in the class and has to talk about history (for example). And I understand that I don't know anything!!! It's awful to feel myself silly and I begin to study :)

10:56 AM Aug 19 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

syberia  make me remeber things 

yes  there  people dont  like  somthing they think its  hard or  they dont undsrtand 

i dont like some subgct because i feel it stupid  boring  not intrsating 

if you dont like  subject  because you JUST you dont undstand  

i think  thats  not cause 

03:58 PM Aug 19 2010 |

james root

james root


ehhehe you know i hate mathematics is my naightmare, i don't know how could i pass my examsss jejejejje

07:50 PM Aug 19 2010 |