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How do you dress? What colors do you wear?

08:39 AM Jul 01 2007 |

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Saudi Arabia

how do i dress well im tricky im all funky usually but when it comes to sime times i dress up as a cutty.. lol wich i dont lik eit very much its just to please ppl daz all

the colors i weare if im all funky and shit i wear black,red,blue,and white

my cute ones go with green,orange,brown,white

12:19 PM Jul 01 2007 |




I love jeans, I have many jeans withl various color, and T-shirt which could go with my jeans.


07:16 AM Jul 02 2007 |



i like the strange clothes with light colors"pink,orange,blue,red androsey"

i wear jean,skirt and t-shirt

01:23 PM Jul 02 2007 |



I like fashion,but I don't wanna catch up with fashion,i just like my own fashion.I'd like to wear a white T-shirt and pretty jeans and a sneaker.I think it's cool.I don't like make up myself much.And my favourite is white and violet.


10:45 AM Jul 03 2007 |