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Life Talk!

I came back with pics from Makkah :)



Saudi Arabia

Alsalam alikum 


hi every one

how r u

I hope all of u very good

I came back here again  thanks Allah 

and as I promised u I took pics during my travel to makkah

I wrote and write in my blog about my dairies during this trip and during this month Ramdan 


this is post about my travel to Makkah to visit the Holey Mosque 

the abbreviation of post


The lovely day todayWe were prepared to take AL-UmrahFirst as u know we must go to Al-MikatWe prayed in this mosque

Some pics during the road to Makkah

 We aarrivedIt's veeeeeeeeeery croweded

Finally I arrived to the Holy mosque

they prepared the breakfast      

I went to HotelSome pics during gonna hotelJ




take care :)


02:07 AM Aug 29 2010 |

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Hey Ghala. :)

Mashallah, thats soo nice. =) I've been there in 2009th june-july too. I felt such contended and like a real muslim there… I wanna go there next summer too, inshallah.

It's soooooo hot there! But, who cares the weather if you are in Makkah or Medinah. :)

Ramazan Kareeem. :))

12:34 AM Sep 02 2010 |



great pics ..may Allah accept ur preyers & bless u :)

08:25 AM Sep 02 2010 |



perfect. Allah bless you!

10:57 AM Sep 02 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

SiLVERTiDEThanks u r welcome     
h-a-hمن الجميع يارب  :)    
SophiaSSSyah that's right I will not forget that place for ever :) 
  amany7umm I don't know if ur Q for me or not ? if it for me I will answer no it's not the first      

05:48 PM Sep 04 2010 |




wow these pictures are highly great and expressive. u know I went there about 9 years ago but I think that it becomes completely different. I hope you can take some photos to the mosque of the prophet as well.

thank you so much may Allah accept your prayers isa

جزاك الله خيرا 

06:33 PM Sep 04 2010 |



Finally After aggravating for a few times, I chock-full aggravating and absitively to buy this big-ticket Umrah Package as anon as the Umrah Visas alpha (From May to November according to Islamic Calender) In the meantime, pass4sure 70-576 i went to Yemen, which is Saudi Arabia's neighbour. Overthere my uncle is the arch of the Yemen Commercial Bank, pass4sure 70-451 MashAllah and accept got links. One day my uncle took me to a banquet accustomed by Kuwaiti Ambassador in Sana'a, Yemen on the Celebration of the 50th Anniversary of Kuwait abutting the United Nations. Over there my uncle alien to me to about all the Ambassadors from assorted countries abnormally to Pakistani, Kuwaiti, Ethiopian, Morrocon and a lot of of all Saudi. pass4sure 70-638 He already knew that I capital to go to Saudi Arabia, so he requested the Ambassador in foreground of me if he would affair me a acceptance so that i can accomplish Umrah.

01:29 PM Jan 07 2011 |