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did you ever try fall in love with some one you met online



i just kinda curious i want to see how many members here experience such thing. met some one online and involved in a relationship and got marry eventually. online romance is very popular nowadays even though still maybe have someone a bit look down such thing, think it's not reality enough. but i am the person right in this situation. i met my dearest hon hon online and we met face to face and fell in love very soon i think it's just fantastic

02:08 AM Jul 03 2007 |

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Run Away Student

Saudi Arabia

hello sisilena this kind of relationships happened a lot and my answer is no I didn't because I can't trust him and love can never survive without trust thank you so much


02:40 AM Jul 03 2007 |




But I hope to get once.

08:26 AM Aug 31 2007 |



Russian Federation

It is so difficult to know somebody in your real life, so it must be twice difficult to do it online!

09:39 AM Aug 31 2007 |



United States

I don't know about "in love". I don't think that can happen without real life contact. I know that I liked almost all my net friends that I've later met in real life MORE than most people I've met in real life first. I think I'm lucky to have met special people online. In the not-wild-sex sense of the word, I "love" them all. You know?

09:42 PM Aug 31 2007 |