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Life Talk!

What would you do if your parents refuse that you get married with the man/woman you are in love with ?



Peace and love to all of you !

I hope you are doing well today

I want to know what would be your reaction if your parents refused that you get married with the man/woman you are in love with .

best regards ! 

11:10 AM Sep 16 2010 |

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may be ten years ago I would answer to this question without thinking that I for sure would get married to the man Iam in love with no matter what my parents thinks about it. But today,being a parent myself, I know that parents never have bad intentions toward their children,and I would strongly reccomend young generation to listen treir parent's advices and to consider their opinions because sometimes overflowing emotions (which is typical when you are in love) dont let you think sober..

11:44 AM Sep 16 2010 |




There should be a good and strong reason for their refusal.So,try to talk with them and make them explain for you their reasons.I know that it's hard to have a rational conversation with many parents but if you are in love with this person and you know that it's the suitable one send them to ask about him and his reputation or try to interfear someone from the family whose your parents trust.May God be with all ones in this situation.

02:00 PM Sep 16 2010 |



May Allah bless al of you

I respect the opinions of  all of you

I think that after all it's a matter of fate , and when we can't change our fate we'd better change our attitudes .

I wish you all the best 


02:38 PM Sep 16 2010 |



what  do u mean by fate?
It's a life of children
It is a right for the children
And good  parents must know the rights of their children


Fate is what you can never stand against,it's the flow of life upon every wish you make,if your wish is going with the same direction of the flow of life,then it will be realized ,however,if your wish is against it…you have just to "change your atittude" :)

Not all you wish you get…

04:17 PM Sep 16 2010 |



Hhhh…fate is the final result of all,after you try your best to change but you just can't,then you know it's your fate to accept that thing,if your parents were bad it's your fate,you just try to go with that…please understand this time,I don't have to give more than five explanations everytime !!!

04:53 PM Sep 16 2010 |




may i know how old are you? what is the reason why your parents refuse to get you married? :)  

05:15 PM Sep 16 2010 |



Mat Allah bless you all

brother Hossam thanks a lot for what you said ,

I do have firm belief that all that comes from Allah 's will si the best thing for me evnen if it may seem hard and sad right now .Allah is wise and chose always the best for us because He loves us .

as for the one who asked about my age I am 20

I can't doubt that my parents want my interests …they love me …I am still young maybe they see things I can't understand myself …


peace and love to all of you dear sisters and brothers  

06:55 PM Sep 16 2010 |




What's your problem with Arabic Countries ?! aren't you an Arabic ?!

This problem is not restricted in Arabic countries only ! this is a common phenomenon,why you always relate bad phenomenon to Arabic countries ?!

We're here to discuss not to throw judges here and there with no reason…so please respect YOUR origin,and try to give a good picture of it,not the opposite.

Every society has good and bad sides,do you see any other one here complaining or acuusing his own society ???!!!

Try to give comments on the topic please

08:15 PM Sep 16 2010 |




they don't care, and if they do, i don't care if they care :P it's my problem not theirs

08:25 PM Sep 16 2010 |



If you try to talk with them wholeheartedly and they refuse,then follow your heart it doesnt mean that you do not respect your parents, in this case you should be the one to decide, in the first place its your long life journey you should be the captain of your life,if you think you did the right choice with right person,at the right age,with stable job then why not go marrying her/him.Anyway its a case to case basis still lots of things to consider some countries practice arranged marriage.Just pray..that eventually they will accept you with your family.

11:35 PM Sep 16 2010 |