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Life Talk!

who can help me :)



Saudi Arabia


how r u guys

I need someone who have good language  to help me 

I write short essay and I need one to correct them

I write per two days or three

who can help me :)  

buy any contact u want

her by message or but Email message

thanks :)  

04:12 AM Sep 19 2010 |

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Saudi Arabia



no it's not here

I am write like diaries 

I need one to send to him\her my essay before publishing them

04:39 AM Sep 19 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif


I could go with MATRIX's suggestion here. You could post it on here so we can all correct it, but since you are writing a diary, I believe it is better if a girl does. 

Though anyone here would be willing to help you with that. I suggest MATRIX_07 ^^

Good luck!

08:45 PM Sep 20 2010 |



Saudi Arabia

thanks fadi 

but it's not just diaries

no I am preparing course about the art of happiness 

But I want one to correct my posts  before publishing them 

that it :)  

08:15 AM Sep 21 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif


No problem MATRIX_07… we're supposed to be brothers. :P


09:44 AM Sep 22 2010 |