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How to find a job in your Country




HI,guys,maybe most of you are students,but do you know how to find a job in your Country,in China,there is a lot of website we can register and put our resume online,the companies can search us and we also can apply jobs online,the recruitment people will arrange an interview for us if our resume is accepted,what about your guys,how you find a job in your Country and what's your popular webstite?

10:06 AM Sep 25 2010 |

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1) Campus recruitment – Freshers get job offer before completion of their course. They join once their course is compete

2) Job sites – used by people with experience. They put their profile on jib sites so that companies can short list the candidate and arrange interview

3) Consultancies - Consultants are paid by company to shortlist people

4) News papers – Companies put out ads for Job walk ins(Interviews).  

Walk ins are not fun at all :( . Thousands of people turn up for a few posts. People stand in long lines, and some time police are called to control the crowd!! 

Popular sites –



10:47 AM Sep 25 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif


hahaha… After graduation you need to either sit back and wait until the government gives you a job, or go in the streets to look for a job in the private departments.

Look in the newspaper to search for a vacant position in a company, or start your own business. But it is all great otherwise.

01:27 PM Sep 25 2010 |





ha ha.. My father had to do the same… he got frustrated and he started his own business. Now a days no one even tries for a govt job, except in rural areas

02:11 PM Sep 25 2010 |



As a student.I just have my first part-time job. So tired.I went to an agency and paid 300yuan for finding job.Then waiting.A week later ifound one in suning.We trained and only half of us stay.My god.

08:33 AM Sep 28 2010 |