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Life Talk!

whats ur dreams??




whats your dream ? what you want to become in futur? where you want to live and work?

02:54 PM Sep 25 2010 |

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Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Im agree with my actually job, and the place i live in, dont wanna change in future.

My dream is to find the right answers to my questions:

03:52 AM Sep 26 2010 |



too much difficoult to change soemthing…after ourage getting old..

but we should dream…and ın fact we make everything to be ourdream..

god want me to do…we never forget big people make dream and work so much to be real them.

when we arrived ourgoal we can see god ın there ..dear luzma.

god always near us..and never give to pain to us.

all of them we see over the worl..bad or good..they are our wrong and our true…

ıfor example pls think.. ıf everything to come to on us…maybe we are reverse directıon…

and god never to us  bad and good evenet…..god give hapıneess and sadness together….and we have got select one of them.

for example..do you know poppy  herbal..

iwe can use it for bad or for good….chemist make from it…medicine for operation and for pain.

and other pople can use it..to drug and sell other people for other aim.

it is mean everything depend on our aim…and our goal ın life..

07:07 AM Sep 26 2010 |



hi everyone..i just want to share my words on this topic..

my name is suman and i belong to a middle family and my mom says that dreams are the path of your life so one should always dream. my dream is to get famous in the world and i want to make my parents proud of me…..

08:13 AM Sep 26 2010 |




 i dream about many and same things everynight, i dunno if  it can get realised  one day lool it need miracle i think

im 100% with  Muratİstan bulwe should never giv up praying when we hav a dream and we want it get released we should just be patient  even it takes soo long  then every thing will be fine ^^ if any one wanna talk about anything  im here 

01:59 PM Sep 26 2010 |




hey sumanleha i hope ur dream get realised one day , me too my dream since i was young is to become famous  actress

02:01 PM Sep 26 2010 |




hey"NICTE HA " u know to be honest i ask the same question as u  in my hardest time buti m sure god is always with us just be pateind sweetheart and stay strong without giving up even the situation get soo hard and start weighing on u 

02:04 PM Sep 26 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


Aliya & amiira;

thank u very muchSmile

03:07 PM Sep 26 2010 |




ur welcome sister^^

07:56 PM Sep 26 2010 |

Natalia Carvalho


Huuum My dream?! To fly an international air line as flight attendant….

I don't know if I'll can stay so far from my home and family, but it's a dream!

12:32 AM Sep 27 2010 |




Natalia Ca rvalho, 

Hehehe,you are just thinking of an international travel, but where to? i would be with you on this travel.

06:54 PM Sep 29 2010 |