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Who is ugly a bold man and a bold woman?




Who is ugly a bold man and a bold woman?

Some ppl believe that men only are bold but women do the same.

06:27 PM Sep 29 2010 |

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kkkkkkkk u make me laugh look simply it's clear man look ugly coz it's give full pic about his face unlike women they are beaty by nauture ….and rarly u find bold women unllike men they are alot

10:41 PM Sep 29 2010 |

Fadi A. Saif



It's true that bald women are not many in this world; WHICH makes it unusual to see one.

I don't agree with the use of the expression "ugly" because a person's beauty lies in their heart and in their good will.

Have a nice…... sleep????? it's almost 2 am 


10:58 PM Sep 29 2010 |




OMG! Such a round and slippery head of Mona Lisa! Laughing

Once a year I love to shave my head! And frankly everyone tells me it looks cute, now I don't know if they are just flattering me or actually I am looking cute. 

Mona Lisa seems perfect in bald pose but her face is bit masculine this time …Laughing

08:20 AM Oct 01 2010 |




I like to be bald sometimes because I like to feel each drop of water while taking shower. Each drop 'tip top … tip-top'!  And as you mention it takes less expense and save time, only 5 minutes to take shower, so much hygienic without wasting so much time on rituals. Specially in summer it gives cooling effect. Laughing 

Yeah, that's true for women hairs are pure aesthetics, and without hairs they are less dangerous and that's they never want. Laughing  

08:46 AM Oct 01 2010 |