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she just makes me mad



really dont know how to say i just be made mad by my manager, i really dont know how to do and now i just want to say something anything to release my emotion. the thing is my company now is right in low season, so no much work for me to do. i am a person deal with export things so i almost have nothing to do. so during my time in office, i always read something online or chatting with friends, that's not my fault and on other hand, reading and chatting also another way for me to learning, cos englis is my additional language so all my sites i visit and the language i using in chatting are english-related cos i dont want to waist my time. but now my manger feels unhappy with me she just asked me if me have nothing to do this morning i said yes, only little bit thing to deal with and i will do that later. and she just said it's not right i just chatting or reading online cos anther girl want to use my computer cos by the shortage of computer in our department and now that girl go upstairs to do her work. and me said this is not the first time that girl using my coputer and all she need to do just tell me she has something to do with my computer that's no problem and now she go upstairs must has her own reason and whatever that's not my fault no point for me to ask her if she wants to use my computer totally make no sence. but my manger said i should ask her if she wants, why, and she is a new comer me is the person stay here almost 4 years. and how long me or that girl woring here isnt the point the point is the whole case nothing about me and nothing about whole thing. just she doesnt like me. i know she doent like me feeling not good i am the person have so much time to play around when she has much works to do. but it's she desent want me to help her. last time mager got some emails and she need people to translate it into chinese( my manger doesnt well-educateded,she doesnt know english) and me said i can help her since i'm undergraduate degree with major english so that's very easy job for me. but she said no and asked me transfered it to other girl to do that work whom very busy in that time. so this is she dont need me help not me want to do nothing. so what she wants?  and another background i want to say i already handed my resignation month before but boss said no so i stayed indeed i want to quit very much cos here the salary doesnt match my ability. what she hate me is i guess she cant fire me even that is the wildly desire she is holding.only boss can fire me, she can fire everyone in this department except me so that's she feel unhappy about me. anyway, i feel better now by putting so much on, i dont want to fight with anybody and dont want to show my anger. and now i just wonder if there is necessary for me to talk with boss ask him to let me go i really really dont want to stay here any longer

02:08 AM Jul 09 2007 |

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sorry, forget little information, i am a chinese and all happened in china, guangzhou. any commets highly appreciate

02:13 AM Jul 09 2007 |

Run Away Student

Saudi Arabia

Oh this is really horrible

I  suggest to take some flowers to her

sit with her quietly and talk about what she likes you to do ?

And why did she always upset at you ? Chose the right time when she is not nervous or upset

Good luck my friend

12:01 PM Jul 09 2007 |



thanks, now it's gone, and today morning we just like nothing happened. so it's ok. i just want to vent something i dont want to make others upset when i in bad mood. thanks!

12:33 AM Jul 10 2007 |




Hope the event would not become a landmine.and About the culture of the chinese companies need to make a revolution.There is a rule for protecting you against being fired.but it not easy to operate.Don`t learn too much from Japanese company that does not suit you.

05:38 AM Jul 10 2007 |




ı think , she doesnt want anybody who is more important there  so she is jealous withh you.  dont forget that people usually dont change their charecter. dont wait this from her but also dont forget you are a dear person. try to move as if she is not here. i am sure she she will worry and understand your dear.ıf she doesnt stop herserlf , you say her want you want. usually when you get back , person gets braver but , when you move brave, same person gets back.

good luck

09:54 AM Jul 11 2007 |