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Life Talk!

Lets pray for one another



May Allahs peace and blessings  be upon all of you sisters and brothers

I hope all of you are doing well

well  , I am pretty sure that we are  firends  ,  in this forum  

we know one another  , we love one another  ...

we may be living far away  from one another   ...but love has brought us close

I believe that  we can not offer a more precious   present to some one we love  than  our prayers  ...

so far accross the distances ,    and spaces between us , where love  winds a path unseen  lets pray for one another   ...

everyone will pray to  the one who will follow him  ...or to those he knows well in this forum 

I will be the first to  begin 


I pray Allah watches over all of  you my dear friends   , yes all of you without exception   , those I know and even those I dont know  .

May Allah bless and protect all of you .

Daddy Joe  , from Germany 

My sisters Luzma , Irene  , Dianne , Esra  , Silvertide ,  Aycha ,faith from USA …and all  the others

My brothers Hossam , Muhammad  , little Aymen , Nassim , black beauty  ...and all the others 

May Allah guide you in every step and  make everything easi for you and show you the right way to lead

May All of you be happy now and then , always and forever. Amen



    your sister Sabah


08:26 PM Dec 08 2010 |

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Ah I forgot to mention my beloved sister Dorothee

may Allah bless and protect her


08:49 PM Dec 08 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


oh thank u Sabah for such nice thread!!


03:14 AM Dec 09 2010 |

Nicte ha

Nicte ha


On this forum i just want to thank  you Allah, my only true God, that when i was really needed, and in the middle of the darkness, Allah heard my voice, and helped me through his servants.

Why?? I dunno why!!!!! why me?? I dunno Islam (but i will), but i saw your help on me!!!!., and that is too much for me my God!!!!!! i feel my heart will exploit of happiness!!!!!!!!

Me, just, misery human being, with a lot of mistakes and sins. But Alhamdulillah listened, replied and helped me. Glory forever to Allah!!

May Allah protect and reward every one of you.

My heart is with all of u as always.


03:32 AM Dec 09 2010 |





thank u dear SABAH 4ur nice sayings, may allah protect & lead us straight above


10:29 AM Dec 09 2010 |



Peace and love to you  sister Faith from USA

Its me who should thank you for  your even nicer words 

May Allah bless you for your prayers 

Do accept my love for Allah s sake

05:14 PM Dec 09 2010 |


Saudi Arabia

may Allah guide us all to the truth  

07:13 PM Dec 11 2010 |



Salaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam every one

well again I am among you , 

I am on holidays now 

how are you doing  Luzma   ,  my sweetheart  faith from USA ,  my beloved  Dianne  , silver tide , Irene , AYsha  ...

Daddy Joe , brother Muhammad , Aymen  and all of you 

I missed you 

you were always in my heart and I was praying for you 


best wishes to all 

09:19 PM Dec 14 2010 |



eh by the way sister Faith from USA

you know my name , but I dont know yours mmm its a bit unfair  right? hahaha

I would like to know you more sister  


09:23 PM Dec 14 2010 |



eh by the way sister Faith from USA

you know my name , but I dont know yours mmm its a bit unfair  right? hahaha

I would like to know you more sister  


09:32 PM Dec 14 2010 |




nice topic islam is love and amazing peace and love.bird

12:11 AM Dec 17 2010 |