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Life Talk!

I fell in love



Iran, Islamic Republic Of

You know I fell in love.It's really awful. I fell in love with a 18 year old boy.I see him in the street everyday.he's really handsome.My friends say his in love with you but he doesn't want you to understand.Now what should I do?

10:09 AM Dec 30 2010 |

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lucky u ;)

12:04 PM Dec 30 2010 |



try not to lose ur love

love is very rare in our crazy world

12:06 PM Dec 30 2010 |

monaleza manosh


emmm… if he loves you, so why does he wait ?!

what should u do ???

if he really loves you he must say it .It is never enough to love u without saying it n let you know and feel this love

09:18 PM Dec 30 2010 |




Do you know this movie, called The White Masai? It's about a young Swiss lady who spends her vacation in Kenya. There she falls in love with a Messai man and decides to break up with her boyfriend and marry that man instead-allthough she yet doesn't even know him very well. After their marriage however he begins to change, only allowing her to have contact with the people he accepts and he starts getting jealous as soon as she talks to other men. His wife however doesn't take this change of his anymore and in the end she escapes and they end up divorced.

This movie, based on a true story shows us that we should be careful with the person we choose to marry. You should only marry someone you know very well and of whom you are sure that this person will be a good husband/wife. It may be different in your country, but in Germany a lot of couples want to get divorced after their marriage, because back then they didn't know each other well enough to see that they just weren't meant to live together. Here this is possible, because divorce isn't such a big deal for Germans! However I personally disagree: I think that I'll only be willing to marry a man of whom I'm sure to know how he would react in almost every situation. Perhaps I'll even try some kind of  symbiotic community with the future boyfriend I hope to marry one day.

12:01 PM Dec 31 2010 |

Tyche liu

Tyche liu


you are so lucky , if love pls brave

09:14 AM Jan 04 2011 |

casey from usa

United States

I agree with creative, when you see him on the street talk to him. That's a beginning.

08:03 PM Feb 21 2011 |



Saudi Arabia

may be ur friends r wrong :S

08:16 PM Feb 21 2011 |